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      Liddell’s Mama

      I am Liddell’s Mama.
      I have the privilege to participate in his life. I have the soul satisfaction of enjoying him. Having been given this gift of being this very special boys mother, it is my duty to advocate on his behalf. It is my calling to nurture his whole being and to facilitate an environment that cultivates his inner strengths. It is my quest to obtain knowledge so that I can better understand who he is and what he needs to flourish. I do this by seeking out others who have been on this same journey with their most precious creations. By being silent and observing him I get glimpses at his world. He is magnificent. He is radical. He explodes with creativity. He is strong. He is kind. He is my child. I am celebrating who is he and declaring greatness for his future.
      I write all this as a reminder to myself. There will be people who judge him because they do not know him. They do not know the wonderful things about him that I do. They also do not know about our daily struggles with ADHD and the social pragmatic queues he misses. They do not know we are testing for spectrum disorders and working intensively with behavioral therapist to modify and improve automatic negative thinking and social anxiety. They do not know our progress, so they will be harsh. They will misread him. They will assume. And they will be wrong.
      I vow to stand by my boy. I need not fall victim to the stares and shaming tones. I need not allow another person to speak out of turn to my child because his behavior makes them uncomfortable. If he isn’t hurting someone or himself, they need to mind their own business. Period.

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      This brought tears to my eyes. Know that you are not alone. He is very lucky to have you.

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