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      I am currently a college student who has two weeks left in my first course. I am doing English online over the summer, and am staying at home to do it. The thing is, my ADHD is driving me insane.

      This fall I will start taking classes for a computer science degree. I have learned programming/computers on my own since seventh grade, all on my own. The thing is, my brain likes to think about those things more than anything else, including my English course. Literally trying to pull my brain away from computers feels like I need to rip my brain out of my head and fix it.

      Anyone have any suggestions for putting thoughts of things to focus on to rest in order to focus on something of greater priority? Thanks!!


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      Penny Williams

      Try rewarding yourself. Each time you spend 30 minutes on your English class work, you spend 30 minutes on computers/programming.

      It can be very hard to focus your brain on something you’re not interested in.

      The study tips in this article may help:

      10 Back-to-School Tips for Grownups

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        I’ve tried giving myself little 30 minute breaks, but that often turns into 45 minute breaks, and then multiple hour long breaks. I can’t just disengage my brain and do something like sit and watch TV, but I need to keep my brain engaged in something and often I can’t pull myself away from that. I love being able to hyperfocus on programming/computer stuff, but it’s hard when a grade is on the line.

        I will check out the article and see if it can help. Thanks for the advice!


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