hyperfocus about ex wife.

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      Help needed

      So i left the mother of my 2 daughter about 2 year ago

      The relationship felt like there was nothing in it for me except responsibilities, i was getting no support and no comprehension from ex. The only good thing was my daughters.

      So 8 th month after i started dating a great women, but for some reason after about a year, i got the feeling that she needed to much of my attention and time it felt suffocating, so i left her about 3 week ago.

      So a few days after things end up i got a call from ex telling me she met someone. It did not bother me much at the beginning but with time its getting worst and worst i cant shift my focus elsewhere, im thinking about this all the time its starting to make me lose sleep and no appetite.

      I dont think its the fact that ive not delt with the end of my relationship, feels like curiosity that turned into a kind of obsession.
      Not feeling that bad about it right now but i cant shift my focus elsewhere.
      Any advice on how to do this, right now the only thing that help is intense cardio, but i need more than that.

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