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      Hi. I’ve only recently been diagnosed so I’m not taking any meds. I was just wondering does anyone get a hyper feeling (which turns into anxiety in my case) in the early evening. I just read that blood pressure can rise in the early evening and was wondering if this could be related.

      My real problem is I always have a drink to calm the hyper excited feeling to stop getting anxious/angry.

      Can anyone relate to this? Have any ideas how to stop it without alcohol.



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      Penny Williams

      I don’t have personal experience with this but I’m wondering if having some Natural Calm at that time could help. It’s a powdered magnesium supplement that works far better than pill form magnesium. Many people use it at night to help calm to sleep or for anxiety in general.

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      A few things we have tried for my 12 yr. old and I also been taking. SereniSelect by Moss Nutrition (take during the day time), Solaray SP17 sleep blend, melatonin 3mg and lemon balm. They all have taken the edge off (Not all at once). I have taken the Solaray with calm drink as a nice drink at bedtime.

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      Guanfancin worked good för me.

      Also it helps lower blood pressure.

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      I know that for me, the thing that works the best to calm me down in the evenings is exercise. I used to go to a gym regularly after work, and no matter how tired I was from work, at the end of my gym routine, I felt calm, happy, and too tired to get upset about anything! I intend to start this up again, but I am still a little wobbly from a long period of drinking too much, going to rehab, relapsing, getting sober again. As life is, I walk my dog every day for a slightly longer period of time, each day. Soon, I will buck up and go back to the gym. Weights and aerobic exercise make me feel I can accomplish most anything.

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