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      Hello, I am the mother of a 15 year old boy who would never shower, brush his teeth or wash his face if I didn’t keep after him! He has acne and doesn’t seem to care. I grew up with cystic acne and it bothered me horribly. But I know he’s not me and this is not about me. He’s come right out and said that he’s lazy, that’s why he doesn’t take better care of himself. Anyone have any helpful tips or advice on this subject?


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      Penny Williams

      I’ve heard that boys typically take longer to “care” about hygiene and such. Boring tasks like this are even harder for those with ADHD. My son is 16 and I still remind him to shower, brush teeth, etc. Kids with ADHD are developmentally 2-3 years delayed, so that has something to do with it as well. Routine can really help so these things become habits they don’t even think about. For example, brush your teeth first thing when you get out of bed. Shower after dinner every night…

      Hygiene Help for Kids With Sensory and Attention Issues

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      I am not alone! I too have a 15 year old son that does the same thing. Every day I have to tell him to brush his teeth and take shower. He says that he doesn’t care and is lazy. His brothers was the same way until they had girlfriends and that changed.

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        You are certainly not alone! It’s so frustrating! My son is not interested in girls right now so maybe that will change if and when he is. I still don’t know why you wouldn’t care that you stink! I can’t wrap my head around that…

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      Continue to make him continue, and after many years he will thank you. When I was at his age I was not forced to take care of myself, so now I have a lot of problems with aprons. 🙁

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      If you’re talking about good teen hygiene, that also means talking about puberty. Have a casual and open conversation with your teen about the topic. Refer your teen to a good book or a reputable health web site on the subject, which may help with the conversation.

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      My grandson is 23, and is really interested in having a girlfriend . I don’t have a problem with his hygiene, but when he eats he just crams the food in.We h had many discussions about this, but I still have to remind him constantly about his manners. I explain to him, that when he does have a date with a young lady and he eats like that it will be the only date. I know this is a rather common thing that males with ADHD seem to do. Now I understand that his Ritalin takes his appetite away, and when he wears off watch out!! He’s is so hungry, and will eat anything he finds regardless if it is leftovers a family member is saving. He is really putting on weight which is a concern. He has had a couple short term girlfriends, but he is very immature so in due time. Gma

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