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      I’m trying to give my non-treated ADD husband credit for helping around the house lately, but, the inevitable temporary-ness of his helping aside, it’s hard to be grateful when he leaves chaos in his wake!

      Examples from this week alone:
      He went onto the roof to try to fix the A/C and when I went to bed I found the door to the upstairs deck (which we use to get onto the roof) wide open.
      When he finished with the A/C he also left the dog gate for the stairs open so the dog got into our turtle’s “hospital enclosure” (he lived in the yard until a raccoon ate his foot last month) and tore a hole in the screen on top of the enclosure.
      He mowed the lawn, but in the process he moved a rock I use to prop the back door open (he never goes into the back yard because there’s a wall that drives him crazy because it’s “too blank”) – the problem is that he moved the rock in FRONT of the door so it couldn’t be opened.

      I’m sure part of my difficulty appreciating his efforts is also the part where when I ask him if he’s gonna fix any of these things he gets ANGRY at me and I now know his internal attitude is, “if you’re gonna ask me to help then let’s see how you like it when I do!” Also, as far as the turtle goes, he thought we should let him wander off to potentially die a slow and agonizing death from infection, rather than spend the effort to nurse him back to health and make a raccoon-proof enclosure for him.

      Can we hire someone to follow him around and fix the chaos he leaves?

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      I know It’s no help, But I feel sorry for the turtle.

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      Right? He’s doing well – too well! He’s started trying to escape and tore his scab off today, but the vet says it’s looking really good. I can’t wait for him to get healed enough that he can live outside again!

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