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      Hi, I’m 20 years old and I’ve recently (past 6 months) believe I could possibly have ADHD. I’ve always had doubts since GCSE’s exams, and I’ve noticed it a lot more now that I’ve gone to university. My house mate asked me if I’ve ever been tested out of the blue one day and genuinely said to me that I should, as he believed I may have it. So I’ve been reading about it and doing online tests which all come back positive, and a lot of what I read about I resonate with. But before I book an appointment with my GP, I wanted to talk to my parents about it and get their opinion on the matter but I’m unsure how to go about such a conversation, as I’ve never really had a conversation this personal with them before.

      I was wondering if anyone had any tips on how to go about talking to them about adhd and getting tested?

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      Firstly as someone in the Uk who has been waiting 2 years to get tested contact your GP as soon as possible. If they hadn’t wanted to test me for ASD first the waitlist can be up to 6 years for an adult.

      I have not spoken about my ADHD suspicions with parents but I have with my cousin who is older and her brother was diagnosed ADHD as a child.

      I asked her to go through the checklist with me because I identified with the symptoms and asked her to tell me if there was anything she could think of about me when I was younger that hits the criteria.

      In your case you could tell them your roommate brought it up and ask them to go through the checklist with you because your concerned and you have been having issues at uni.

      On the uni point, have you thought about contacting your disabled students service? They might be able to give you advice / support and potentiality might get the diagnosis boat going faster.

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      i agree! i belive i have ADD but i haven´t been diagnosed yet. However i´ve been educating myself and the more i do, the more i believe i hace ADD. My Theraphist thinks i may have it, so i told my parents about it. They´re health workers but their response was very dissappointing since they think it´s not a big deal but IT IS a big deal to me, they really don´t know what it is like to deal with ADD when ypu haven´t been diagnosed and aren´t getting any help or treatment.

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      It could be a tough moment for a parent when he/she realize what’s going on with their kid. I know very well how it feels. But we have to accept reality and, most importantly, move ahead with the next step. It takes courage for both the child and the parent at this moment. If your doctor can talk to your parents, it will be better.

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      I have no idea on how to tell my parents I might have ADHD. I’ve taken several online quizzes and each one has shown that I have a mid to high aptitude for it. But I don’t know how to tell them cause I already have been diagnosed with PTSD(even though I’m over what happened) and they’ll probably just think that it’s something related to the PTSD. How do I tell them without them thinking it’s something else?

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      I guess, ADHD can make parents pay less attention to their kids and reward them less. Try to set aside certain times to devote to your child

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