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      My whole family including me has ADHD/ADD. I was diagnosed though just this last year and I am still learning how to do things.

      I Just started my first semester of college.(I am a little bit older than my fellow freshman peers.) College has made me very nervous because I will have to put a lot more effort into getting the grades I want. I want to do better than I did in high school. But it has been two weeks and I realize that it takes me ten times longer to do things then my classmates.

      I am learning a second language I am having a very hard time memorizing and focusing on studying. It is very hard b/c I feel like I can do all my homework no problem but then sit down and five hours later I haven’t even scratched the surface of my homework and its not like I have a ton of homework! I can’t even explain how it happens! I start my home work and five hours later I have written down some things and tried to read some things and tried to memorize some other things and in the end I look at what I’ve accomplished to just realized I haven’t accomplished anything! It isn’t like I am on my phone or anything,(okay thats a lie I do get on my phone, CURSE YOU INSTAGRAM!) I am sitting there trying to focus but my mind wonders or my brain has like a mental spasm were I swear I can’t think anymore. It is like my brain was like, well that was fun, and walked away!! “Come back and focus!” is what I am screaming in my head while in the library.

      Like this post is taking longer than it should too. I can’t put my words in order.

      I really want to succeed in college but I’m slowly loosing my confidence and starting to stop caring. My anxiety is taking over my life because I know my homework will take me all day to do and finish.(and I don’t have all day! I still have bills to pay and a job to go to like a normal human!) Which gives me have major anxiety to were then I get depressed and make my husband get me ice-cream while I have a melt down.

      I guess my question is this: How do you focus when your studying? How do you memorize things? How do you do school?

      Any study hacks you have would be so helpful! I know I can do it but anything to help me do things faster and lessen my anxiety would be very helpful. I am sure my husband would appreciate it too!

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      Penny Williams

      It sounds like overwhelm is getting to you. I wonder if a “Today’s Plan of Attack” Pad would help you. You can quickly determine priorities and make a plan, but just one day at a time.

      Here are some study tips too:

      A+ Study Tips from ADD and the College Student

      Conquering College

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