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      All my life I have had problems with getting to school, work or other appointments and activities on time. At work, I have received warnings, both verbal and written, about my tardiness.

      I am now age 71 and retired, but hold a wonderful part time job three days a week. I have tried everything possible to arrive at my work location on time, but nothing seems to help. Having had ADHD all my life, I understand that being on time for anything can be a real issue. So, how can I organize my time in such a way, or be prompted, so that I will never be late again?

      Please help me if you can, or recommend some books or articles that might be useful.

      Thank you!
      The Tardy Guy

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      Alarms and prompts….
      I have used my iPhone with wake/rise alarms and advance reminders (15, 30, 60 mins) to get myself out the door, or to dial into conference calls, or to walk up/down/over to meeting rooms. I recently started wearing an Apple Watch to avoid missing the alarms should I set my phone down.

      For conference calls, I have a recurring alarm that alerts 10 minutes prior to mtg time. Since the Snooze is 9 minutes, I can snooze and still get reminded 1 minute before a call…so I’m not late. Alternatively I dial in ten minutes early and just wait for others to join while I read email or such.

      Similarly you can commit to yourself to arrive at work 30 minutes early and read in the car, or get coffee, and be the first in the door at start-time. Create a routine and remind yourself how good it feels to be early instead of late – less stress! Self-pat on back.

      One more idea — since sleeping and waking on time is a lifelong struggle for me, I downloaded a sleep app that monitors my heart rate, movement, etc. I choose a wake window (between 545-645) and when it detects I’m in light sleep, it starts playing a sound/song of my choosing to gently wake me. That’s definitely helped recently.

      Wishing you much success!
      Figuring It Out In My Fifties

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      Penny Williams

      I agree with alarms and apps. I don’t have ADHD, but everything important on my calendar has 3-4 alarms so I can’t possibly miss something.

      Here are more insights on time management and ADHD:

      “We Don’t See Time; We Feel It”

      ADDitude Community Moderator, Parenting ADHD Trainer & Author, Mom to teen w/ ADHD, LDs, and autism

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