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      Hi, my daughter Addison is 8yrs old. I have known for a very long time she was ADHD. My family refused to aaccept it. Anyways, she was diagnosed last year and started on ritalin, it worked for about 2 weeks. Dr then prescribed quillichew, then something else cant rremember, and adderall 10mg 2x/day. They were blue and had a weird coating on them and i could not get her to take them for the life of me. Anyways, she stayed over night at my friends house and i forgot her medicine. My friend is on 20mg of adderall and gave her half of hers. Which is an orange tablet. Addison did not give her a problem so i asked her dr to change it. She did once addison attempted to finish her script. Well there we were w the orange pills, and me thinking finally. Well nope, she refuses to take them. We put the blue ones in everything u can think of. Now she just spits the pills out no matter what they are in. We are so drained. Can someone offer any advice.

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