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      Hello! My son will be starting middle school next year and I think it’s time to get him to a specialist to talk about meds and counseling. Transitions are very hard for him. The last time I got him to the doctor for a diagnosis for a 504 plan it was with the promise of getting him a laptop for school use, which did come to pass because he also has dysgraphia. But at the time of all the talk about ADHD I noticed he was throwing his allergy medicine in the trash, I suspect because he thought we were sneaking him medicine. So heartbreaking. He refuses to talk about his ADHD. He is very bright but has anxiety and possibly SPD as well. Any advice on how to get a preteen on the same page to get treatment??

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      Penny Williams

      That sounds like a tough case. Sounds like he’s skeptical of everything, which could certainly be part of anxiety.

      The way we explained medication to our son was to let him know it would help him with struggles in school and at home (listed specific things he had complained about or was upset about). Hearing that it could help him in areas that upset him was enough for him to buy in (he was only 6).

      THere’s some great tips and strategies on how to handle teens refusing treatment in this article, which you can certainly implement with a preteen as well.

      When Your Teen Stops Taking Her Pills

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