How to Deal with Parents in denial of ADHD

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    So, I’m 29years old, just recently diagnosed with ADHD and been on medication (Vyvanse 50mg) for 2months with satisfactory results.
    As soon as I learned what ADHD was, I was convinced I had it but fear, shame, low-self worth, addictions & chaotic lifestyles made it hard to obtain a diagnosis. And I’m so grateful to finally be on this new path of discovery and reckoning with a new understanding of my past.
    In the last year I’ve moved back in with parents and my sister(27years old). When I was diagnosed I was met with a lot of opposition from my mother. Which isn’t shocking given her strong bias against pharmaceuticals in favour of “natural” remedies/treatments. Since doing research on ADHD I’ve come understand that my mother also has STRONG symptoms of ADHD.

    How do adult children deal with their parents who are either in denial of their children having ADHD or are in denial of themselves having ADHD? What are you struggles? What are your solutions?

    It’s so frustrating, as an adult who has reckoned with their ADHD & learn how to cope skillfully as an independent person, to see their parent(s) struggle. Besides the strains this takes on our relationship, I can foresee how this denial/shame she exhibits will make taking care of her in her older age that much more difficult.
    Neverminding her projections of how people with ADHD are lesser humans, something I’m already used to hearing being a queer, trans* person.
    It’s the fact that if she could overcome this hurdle of shame she could start living/loving her life more fully.

    Parents often talk about how hard it is to have children with ADHD. But boy o boy, is it ever hard being an adult child with ADHD parents in denial.

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