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    I’ve been trying to reduce my sugar intake which has been extremely hard because I have the biggest sweet tooth..
    I’m trying to incorporate more fruits and veggies but I’m worried that I’m eating too much fruit because I’ve noticed I’m a bit bloated?
    I feel like I’m doing this wrong?
    Does anyone have any idea as to which fruits are the best to help in this weight loss process compared to the ones that may plateau the process?

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    I am also curious about this. My
    11 year old, becoming overweight adhd daughter loves fruit. I am also trying to cut out sugar and
    Help her watch her weight. And boy
    Is it hard. All she wants to so
    Is eat.


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    If you are trying to cut back on sugar, eating fruit isn’t going to help. Fruit turns to sugar in the body once past the lips.

    Focus on fat. Fat keeps you satiated and it helps to eliminate cravings.

    Focus meals & snacks around fat & protein. I eat high fat/medium protein and low carb. I don’t have constant cravings anymore and just eat when I am hungry.

    One more thing, wheat & grains also turn to sugar in the body once past the lips.

    If you want to learn more check out “Unlearn-Rethink” & “Wheat Belly” Facebook pages. Loads of information.

    Fat is the ADHD brains best friend as our brains are actually 60% fat.


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