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      I have been recently searching for ADHD and found out that there is a correlation between Tics and ADHD, both caused by abnormal Dopamine activity. Studies say 50 % of people with Tic disorder also have ADHD. For both family history is also the key.
      I am diagnosed with ADHD when I was 21. During teen years I had never got to get diagnosed because my parents were generally neglect in health issues. I have 2 brothers, one of them had Tics as kid and was suspected to have ADHD by many our relatives. Never went to see a doctor for it, so we never know. The other brother also seems to have Tics, but Ive only come to recognise it quite recently. He blinks repeatedly and somewhat abnormally when we are talking.
      Ive been reading through about Tics and what surprised me was the realisation that I might have Tics myself, too.
      For me the symptoms are not that severe, at least not enough to get recognised right away. But Ive realised that whenever someone looks at me or when I am nervous, I feel my muscles in my neck area get tense and become unable to stay still but shake my head a bit, to shake off that tension in my muscles. Such movements are uncontrollable, like the more I try to stay still the more tense it gets. Im starting to thinking that it is one of the symptoms for Tics.
      I was wondering if any of you also have Tics along with ADHD, and how bad it is.

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      Penny Williams

      The tense muscles and twitching sounds like it could be anxiety, since you describe it happening during nervousness.

      Here’s a self-test for tics:

      [Self-Test] Tic Disorder in Adults

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