How long is waiting time for ADHD referral in the UK

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    I was assessed this week and have been referred to the ADHD team (although assessor suspects i have aspergers or ASD as it is known) in the UK. She informed me the waiting list is long, can anyone please let me know just how long that might be ?im thinking over a year ?

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    For me it took 2 months from the specialist referral to the appointment.

    Conditions like Asp or ASD rarely come alone, there are usually comorbidity like OCD or ADHD for example.

    This doesn’t necessarily mean those comorbidities will be severe though.


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    Hi. I’m in the U.K. and my son (17) and I both were diagnosed with ADHD/ ADD. The waiting list was 3-6 months so we had to go private. We went to Dr. Humphries at the Harley Group in London (top expert/ ADD/ADHD, has multiple clips on YouTube). It was expensive and I took a small loan to do this, but I had no choice as we needed help. But once diagnosed, I could then transfer to the NHS for medication. I’m sure it’s difficult right now…hang in there, you’re not alone.❤️🌸❤️

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