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      Sam k


      I was assessed this week and have been referred to the ADHD team (although assessor suspects i have aspergers or ASD as it is known) in the UK. She informed me the waiting list is long, can anyone please let me know just how long that might be ?im thinking over a year ?

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      For me it took 2 months from the specialist referral to the appointment.

      Conditions like Asp or ASD rarely come alone, there are usually comorbidity like OCD or ADHD for example.

      This doesn’t necessarily mean those comorbidities will be severe though.


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      Hi. I’m in the U.K. and my son (17) and I both were diagnosed with ADHD/ ADD. The waiting list was 3-6 months so we had to go private. We went to Dr. Humphries at the Harley Group in London (top expert/ ADD/ADHD, has multiple clips on YouTube). It was expensive and I took a small loan to do this, but I had no choice as we needed help. But once diagnosed, I could then transfer to the NHS for medication. I’m sure it’s difficult right now…hang in there, you’re not alone.❤️🌸❤️

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      I recently got my diagnosis after being referred by my Doctor about a year ago. My referral was in Leeds. I wouldn’t have been able to afford to go private, and I’ve waited this long (I’m 38) so waiting for this, whilst it did seem a long time, what’s one more year! At least I have my diagnosis now.

      I did keep ringing the service to check I was on the list, and they’d update me and tell me exactly how many people were in front of me, and how long they’d think it would take.

      Good luck, you’ll get there! 🙂

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      I went back and forth to my GP for a year and got a prescription for propanol for anxiety which I still use. This is all I have to help me to date.
      I presented my diary and my self diagnosis to my GP and he agreed it sounded probable. He discouraged me from a formal ADHD diagnosis as there was no medication to cure it and no benefit to a label. I persisted and he made the referral.
      6 weeks later I was sat in front of a woman assessing me. She told me ADHD was a condition for teenagers where they can’t keep still- so why did I think I had it?.
      I told her she was wrong and I resented every second I sat with her. I answered her set questions about my daily life and relationships. She concentrated on me not speaking to certain family members and asked for reasons. The important stuff, like me not being able to do a weekly supermarket run and put dinner on the table for my family- she laughed at and said it happens to her sometimes too and I should try writing a list. She was 40 mins late without explanation and that wound me up. She said they didn’t have an expert in the area and to leave it with her.
      That was 6 months ago, I left the mental health clinic and I’ve heard nothing since.
      So, If you are on a waiting list and being taken seriously I wouldn’t worry how long it is!
      Good luck.

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        I went to my GP too and he was really understanding. But I was referred to a specialist Adult ADHD service in Leeds. It has such a long waiting list because there only a really small team, and they have so many people to see.

        It sounds like provision for adult ADHD is really lacking. My GP asked me why I wanted a diagnosis and for me it was for a greater understanding of myself and the reasons why I do certain things, and plus it also means that provisions have to be made for me at work. Since my diagnosis I’ve also been getting CBT and I’m starting to realise that the anxiety and panic attacks I’ve been having for years, are a coping mechanism for my ADHD.

        As for the label, it definitely helps. It doesn’t mean it has to define you, but it makes things a hell of a lot easier to understand. I used to think I was lazy and stupid, now I know there’s a reason why I struggle with certain parts of life and I can work towards doing something about it, to make my life simpler and easier for myself.

        I wonder why people who don’t go through these struggles seem to decide for us how helpful a label would be. Maybe actually we need the label, that we should tell everyone yes I have ADHD. It’s the fact that all these labels, people have decided to hide away mean that we have less understanding of each other and others problems. We need to understand ourselves and each other better and that’s where a diagnosis and labels can help. And whilst there isn’t a ‘cure’ (and I’m not sure I’d want there to be as I kinda like my crazy, creative, whirlwind of a brain), medication can help us manage better. 🙂

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      I’m 52 and in the US. I wanted a dx because I was sick of paddling in circles and disappointing people. I know I can do better and improve my life.

      Why on earth would a GP say there were no meds? It takes a lot of tweaking sure, but there are meds!

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      I’m in the UK and situation is pretty stark. I got a private diagnosis and medication privately and tried to move it to the NHS so I could get the medication on prescription. I am in london and the local health trust basically said the waiting list is so long there is no point in us putting you on it, essentially they said “we’ll get back to you”.

      My GP also didnt have a clue as most dont with ADHD and ASD. I wish I could give you better news. You might want to try the ADHD foundation,
      and ask them.



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      I was just diagnosed today – I still can’t believe it. Such a relief to just know. I went to my GP last September and was told there are no services, but I knew it was possible to be referred to the national service at the Maudsley so I requested that and was seen initially in April by the nurse and today by the doc. So 9 months in all.
      I was happy to wait as lived with this a long time and wanted to go to the best place. It was tempting to go private-who wants to wait!! Not us right? But I didn’t know where to go so decided to wait it out. Not been the best year, but feeling hopeful now things are going to start to get better. Good luck to all.

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