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      I’m an active runner who also is adhd, finally got put on right meds and dosage about a year and half ago. I’ve become more myself again, eating well , sleeping great, and been sober from my alcohol issues that whole time too! Still working on that cigarette habit I picked up at age 18. I’m 28-years old.

      Before adhd dognisus , I used to run 3-4 times a day and had to be homeschooled. Cardio helped me focus , didn’t know the adhd exercise connection , but I now see self medicated adhd with running ! Then I started drinking and binging-purging and stopped running , but thankfully by Gods grace got sober and out on right adhd meds 19ish months ago, and been back into i Bing, just not near as much lol maybe 5-6 miles a day versus the 20 miles a day I did at age 15-16 haha.

      I feel like running before I take my first dose of meds or right before my second dose is the best time , being that running has a similar affect , it would be silly to run after I take medixine. FYI I take Adderall.

      I had heard that running first can help boost the chemicals Adderall works with , making it more effective which makes sense bc before I knew this I always said running before I take the med helps the med work better!

      My heart rate lowers after my runs very quickly , and it never gets above 70 on med, BUT I wanted to see if there is an appropriate safety concern on how long after my run to take my dose ?

      I emailed my doctors office , too. I see a an amamazing by doc at an adhd speciality center , the one that’s been treating me last year ans a half. She isn’t in today , so figured I’d bare if I could get an inquiry here ?



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