How do you prioritse all the things you need to get done when all seem important

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      I’ve got a day off work tomorrow and as kids are back at school I want to try and catch up on all the things I didn’t do over Christmas.
      I have been making a list all week on my phone and it is pretty long! I don’t know how to decide what order to do the things in. How do you prioritise when everything needs doing?
      Many of the things won’t take long individually but put together I’ll be pushed to get everything done by school pick up time.

      I often feel deflated as I don’t feel I achieve much on my to do lists but there is alwayd so much!
      I looked at the list earlier and just felt completely overwhelmed. Am worried I’ll end up doing nothing and just wasting the day.

      Any suggestions to help please?

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      I love using the Eisenhower Matrix to help prioritize when I have a ton of stuff to do (and a little time to write down my prioritization).

      There is a helpful site I found about it here:

      Basically, you categorize your tasks as urgent or not urgent, and important or not important. Tasks/items that are both urgent and important get done first; items that are important but *not* urgent, you plan for at a different time (in the near future); urgent but not important tasks you are supposed to delegate (hard to do when you’re home alone, so maybe alternate these with the important/urgent?); lastly, the not urgent and unimportant items you just say no to.

      This isn’t a perfect system but I’ve found it really helpful when I’m feeling overwhelmed!

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