How do you plan family meals & food shop effectively?

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      I find this so hard! We are a family of four and I go to the supermarket every day! I am wasting time and money and desperately want to be more organised in this area but I just can’t seem to do it!

      My brain cannot seem to think further ahead than today about what food we need. Meal planning is hard as the children are more fussy and have plainer tastes. I am trying to be healthy and lose some weight but can’t think of anything to eat so I end up snacking on rubbish. My mind just goes blank.

      When I go to supermarket I feel overwhelmed and panicky. I hate being there so try to make it as quick as possible by just buying for one or two meals. I’m spending too much money doing it this way and time.

      Please does anyone have any advice to make this easier for me? I feel like I’m letting my kids down as I can’t plan healthy meals.

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      Honey, are you located in the US? If so, do you have a Fred Meyer in the area?

      They offer a “Shop Online” option, and then you can take your time selecting
      the food. You pay online and then they go and pack it all up for you, and
      you just drive up and they load it in your car for you. Doesn’t cost anything
      extra, either!

      You’ll be able to plan much better, and won’t have to spend any time doing
      the shopping in the store.

      I’m sure other large stores are doing this as well.

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      A simple and fun way is to choose a day in a week for example sunday afternoon, a time when the hole family is home. And let everyone made a wish for what they will eat for breakfast and dinner on of the days in the coming week. Write it down and made a list for the ingredients you need to buy for to make that food. And how much you need for a week. If you don´t know the amount of some food you need for a week, try to see for how long 2 liter milk lasts for example and write it down to next week if you needed to buy some more of anything in the middle of the week.
      If you stick to a week so after a while you don´t need to go to the store every day, you save money when you don´t buy by impuls and your children will be more engaged in what you eat and maybe how to cook. And mistakes is allowed, use your fantasi if somethings missing or if it´s to much use your freezer. Take a day for leftovers and mix and let everyone eat what they like. Make it easy and fun, everyone can do it! Good luck!

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      Penny Williams

      There are apps and services that can help. You can get meal plans with accompanying shopping lists, or you can get meal boxes from services like Blue Apron. I like the idea of ordering online and picking it up curbside at the store too — so many stores are offering this now (that can keep you from impulse buying too).

      There are lots more tips in this article too:

      No More “What’s For Dinner?” Stress

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