How do you manage to fall asleep, and then wake up early?

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      Penny Williams

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      (First, sorry for my English)
      I had this problem since forever, but it is getting worse and worse since I am getting older and I don’t live with my parents anymore: I am 29 years old, and I can’t go to sleep. I always stay up until 4 or 5 in the morning. Then I can’t wake up until sometimes 3pm. I love to go out with friends, not especially very late, but when I come home I go on the internet, or read, or spend hours in the bathroom, I create things, write, or just daydream about anything at night… I am sometimes tired, sometimes not.

      Mornings are just awful for me. I’m a zombie, even if I had a good night sleep. When I was a child I also had this problem (always finding an excuse not to go to bed), and I also had some kind of insomnia, but at least my parents were pushing me, now, alone, I don’t manage to “push” myself into bed. As a baby I was already crying all night long cause I was just bored (my poor parents!).

      I tried everything : melatonin, an alarm on my mobile phone saying “time to go to bed”, trying to have a better rhythm like everybody advises (but this IS the core of the problem actually), trying to have a “ritual” before I go to bed so that my brain is conditioned, trying to put 100 alarms in the morning to get up earlier (I don’t hear them, but my neighbors do, some must hate me).

      I feel that I like so much the night atmosphere, I am also more efficient working in the night (even when I’m very tired)… I don’t see time running until it’s much too late…

      But it really destroys my life : I don’t see the sun (at the moment living in a city in the north where there’s no more sun at 4pm in winter), all the offices close early in the afternoon, I also had many problems beeing late at college, people blamed me a lot (which I can understand), I was also often late at work and didn’t hear my alarmclock so many times. I don’t have a job at the moment, so it’s always getting worse. I’m afraid of the future and I feel really hopeless sometimes.

      PLEASE, is there a “recipe” to go to bed early for ADD? It’s a pure procrastinating problem, plus also, I think, a biological problem.

      Does someone else have this symptom? I’ve never met anyone like me. Thanks in advance for ANY tip you could give me.

      It’s nearly 5am now, so good night! wink

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      Kevin Ju

      This reply was originally posted by user Skyblue in ADDitude’s now-retired community.

      I just turned 60, and I’ve have the same bedtime/wake-time pattern as you and MANY others. I love mornings and would love to get up and get going early, but the problem is that my brain likes nighttime even more. About two hours before I’ve decided to go to bed, I take 1mg melatonin and .3mg of Clonidine (a prescription drug to lower blood pressure). It works very well to make me want to finally lie down. If I knew that I wouldn’t suffer the next day for lack of sleep, I’d probably stay up almost all night. I’ve tried to change this pattern so that my schedule coincides with everyone else’s, but going to bed at about 2 and getting up at 10 is the best I seem to be able to do.

      I’ll be following this thread just in case someone gives the magic formula!

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      Kevin Ju

      This reply was originally posted by user adhdmomma in ADDitude’s now-retired community. offers lots of advice on sleep and ADHD:

      And also advice on how to wake and get ready on time in the morning:

      I hope some of those strategies help you.
      Moderator, Author on ADHD, and Mom to Pre-Teen Boy w/ ADHD and LDs

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      I have a problem with this too. Exercise is really helpful and making sure that you don’t use your computer after 8pm. I also have bedtime sounds (thunder storms) that I play quietly next to my bed. It gives me something to focus on while I let my mind simmer down.

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      In my opinion, as for waking up early, all you have to do is go to bed early, and you will most likely wake up when you want, or even before. However, if you’re having a hard time waking up early, you can always set an alarm for the time you want to get up. But this tip sometimes (or even in most cases) it isn’t work)

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      Wanna hear a funny story?
      So because of ADHD I have a hard time sleeping anyway (stay up late, wake up in the night, etc.)
      But when I’m stressed it gets like 10x worse and results like things like sleep walking, sleep talking, being only half asleep the whole night, or no sleeping at all. This happens if I have to do something the next day that requires me being in a new environment, waking up early or a test or a presentation.
      So a few years ago I had a midterm at 8am the next morning. Set my alarm, went to bed, or so I thought.
      Turns out I ended up sleep walking that night, like really badly…
      Somehow, I woke up an hour after my midterm started and I shit you not: my phone alarm was turned off, and my phone was between my mattress and my box spring, I had clothes ripped out of my drawers and thrown all over my room, and I was sleeping at the wrong end of my bed. I woke up, and basically ran to school and thankfully wrote my midterm.
      Nothing that intense has ever happened again sleep wise, but just know it could be worse 😉

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      I was like you, the melatonin, the constant reassessments of my sleep hygiene, i tried everything!

      Only 1 thing helped.

      I HAD to get up EARLY!

      I would wakeup between 3:30 and 4:30am every morning. If I “Slept in” I was out of bed by 5am at the latest – it felt like a lie in!

      Before I entered this state I had to force myself to stay awake 24hrs + or as long as it took to be tired at the required time. I started going to bed at 10pm!

      I realised i responded best between 5-6 hours sleep. Anymore and I over slept (10-12hrs)

      Waking up early allowed me more time to “dezombify” before other distractions could come at me and let me get my workout in early.

      This felt hard for 2 weeks after which I adapted and would wake at this time without an alarm clock.

      Find a ritual that works for you and don’t sleep with your phone in bed.

      Also just to let you know

      My sleeping was FCKED,some days I would be awake for 48-72hrs – I worked 2 jobs with very little down time so if i couldn’t sleep…

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      OMG. I thought I was the only one who suffered with this. I’m a night owl & even if I fall asleep at 10pm (rare!), I’m awake by 3am. Since I’ve started treatment, I make myself get up, no matter what, by 8am. It doesn’t matter if I’m tired..I must stay up until bedtime. I’m a writer & struggled to do this as I felt I had nothing to do at 8! But since I started writing a task list of things I must do in the morning, ie 8am-write 2pages, 10am- go to gym, 1230- EAT! Etc… I’m filling my days and now get tired at night. It’s a difficult task changing these abnormal sleep patterns, but it’s working! Hang in there!❤️

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      I am currently going through a sleep study. I will be spending the night and following day in a sleep lab. I clearly have a sleep disorder. It’s awful. I’m late to work every day. I walk around in a fog. I’m actually anxious to get the results of this sleep study. I’m blessed to have health insurance.

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      I am no expert but I struggle greatly with my sleep schedule as well.

      Some things that have helped me:
      – Going to bed *ridiculously* early. If i wish to go to bed after 10:30, I won’t fall asleep until 2am. If I want to go to bed early I need to be in bed around 9:15.
      – Sleeping for shorter lengths. someone mentioned this but over sleeping is detrimental.
      – NO napping : this completely ruins your sleep schedule
      – I listen to ASMR to stimulate my brain.
      – I avoid my bed (this is a big one) unless I am sleeping.
      – Absolutely no blue light (phone, computer) before bed. For me, thirty minutes before.
      – Go outside within 30 minutes of waking up.
      – I wake up better at 4:30/5am than I do at 7 or 8 am.
      – Regulate caffeine intake and save it for days it is absolutely necessary.
      – Put things you actually want to do first thing. If you want to wake up early so you can run and you hate running, you are less likely to get up.
      – Before I started listening to ASMR, I would count. Not sheep, but just run through numbers. I would sometimes try “counting as slow as possible” and leaving enough time in between the numbers to fall asleep.
      Good luck! I hope you are doing better.

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      I was having a conversation with a colleague of mine this morning about this very subject. She suggested eating 1-2 kiwi fruits an hour before I plan to go to bed. So I Googled it. This is what I found

      The secret to a good night’s sleep could lie in kiwi fruit. Eating two of the fruits one hour before bedtime helps people nod off quickly and sleep more soundly, scientists say. It is not understood why, but it could be linked to high antioxidant and serotonin levels in the fruit.

      I might try this tonight, if I remember to buy some kiwi fruits…

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