How do you "direct" your focus to the "right" target?

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      Hi everyone, I am new to the group and to ADHD.
      I am an adult and have just recently had my ADHD diagnoses confirmed.
      I’ve been on Vyvanse 70mg a day for about five weeks now and it had been working well.
      My focus and motivation have greatly improved. However…it tends to go on the wrong direction 🙁
      I mean, the same way I can now focus on cleaning, writing, school work etc…90% of the time, the improved focus ends up being misdirected and I end up spending a long time and energy on the internet, videos, tv, irrelevant tasks, things that are not priority etc.
      How do you all manage that?
      do you have any tips ?
      I’m getting really concerned because work is piling up and I have a master’s dissertation to deliver in about 4 months and I can get focused on that, even though I now can focus on everything else.

      Thank you for listening

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      This sounds very familiar.
      “The medicine can only do so much. You have to do the rest.”
      That’s what my doctor told me when I explained the same thing.

      I call it going into hyperfocus mode. I have to be very careful to prioritize and to follow my list.
      I’m going to get stuck if I go off on a tangent.
      If I start going down “rabbit holes” I have to shut the windows and refocus.
      Constantly, checking myself and staying on the list.

      It also helps if my list isn’t too long to begin with.
      Focus on finishing one item at a time.

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      Just willpower. Stimulants make me find myself paying excessive amounts of attention to anything on digital screens. Also, with stimulants, everything outside in the environment is suddenly amusing to me and super interesting like the squirrel on the tree branches or the random car/person walking by I honestly have given up trying to find an ADHD remedy and that has made me incredibly happy. Giving up was the answer for me 🙂

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