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      My son regularly says things that he doesn’t mean.

      For instance, today he was done eating, and poured his leftovers into toddler sibling’s plate (toddler sibling was happy, because she did want his extra food).

      As he poured out his noodles, he said something like “She can have them because they were making my stomach hurt anyway.”

      Before he decided to share his food, it wasn’t the case that he had eaten the last of the noodles and sibling was out of noodles, and wanted more. We hadn’t asked him to share with her. He wasn’t reluctantly giving up his food.

      We do have a food culture of not throwing away food in our house though. He likely gave the food to his sister so he wouldn’t have to wrap the food up and put it away.

      But also, he gave them to her because he thought it was a nice thing to do. Not because he hates her and wanted her stomach to hurt. Just that his words didn’t match his actions.

      I MAY have said something like “sharing with little sis, that’s so nice” before he made his comment about them hurting his stomach, but I can’t remember. He wasn’t in a grumpy enough mood though where what he said felt like he was trying to say a mean thing.

      What he meant by what he said, and what he maybe should have said was, “that’s ok, I was done with them anyways.”

      But for him, it seems too obvious to say the “right/correct/nice thing” so he says something more creative, even if it’s not the nicest thing to say. I have gotten into trouble for this kind of behavior a lot over the years too.

      Is this a typical ADD behavior? We definitely both have ADD, but things like this make me wonder if autism is present too.

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      I do that all the time! Well, not with noodles. 😀 Things routinely come out of my mouth that have nothing to do with what I am thinking, usually I got distracted halfway through the sentence. My brain has moved on way faster than my mouth, and my mouth is just trying to finish the sentence, I guess. Or I say things in a way that does not accurately communicate what I mean. Sometimes, I struggle to find words to make simple sentences if I’m thinking a lot of things quickly. “Put the thing on the thing” has come out more than once. My husband also has ADHD, and this has created some interesting communication over the years. 😀 Luckily, he’s used to me pointing to communicate and we’ve both gotten better at deciphering each other’s gibberish.

      Maybe he just meant “I’m full?”

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