How do you cope with looking after young children if you have ADD?

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      I think I have inattentive ADD although not been diagnosed.
      I have 2 children who are 11 & 6 and I am really struggling to give the youngest in particular the attention she seems to need.
      She is very lively, she wants to play all the time, she doesn’t really like to just sit and watch tv. She likes making things and playing games but also likes being with me all the time when not at school!
      I am finding it exhausting mentally as she just talks at me constantly. My brain is usually think of about 1000 other things that I. Ees to do or haven’t done and so I miss what she’s saying alot of the time. I can’t think straight and I’m ending up snapping at her which I hate myself for.
      I absolutely love her to bits but at times I wish she’d just give me some space and leave me alone. I know this is a horrible thing to say but she is exhausting and it just makes
      me irritable. If I don’t play with her or keep her entertained she gets grumpy but I just can’t focus on all her games for that length of time!

      Can anyone relate or offer any suggestions please? I feel like a rubbish mum right now.

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      It might be a good idea to go see a doctor for yourself. If you are ADD your parenting can improve if you get treatment. It could be possible if you are ADD that your daughter is too. She sounds like my daughter, she is 7 years old and she is ADD. She would talk non-stop. Outside of the home my daughter is shy, quiet and doesn’t leave my side. When we are at home she will play on the computer or on my phone. Plays with her toys some but if she isn’t doing any of those things she will come to me complaining there is nothing to do, she is bored. I know there is always something that needs done around the house and hard to do if you are a single parent. Your a mother and your kids need to be your first priority. I have my daughter help me with things around the house. We negotiate things. She helps me do stuff and in return I do something she wants to do. We play cards, go fish or 21. The last thing you don’t want is your daughter feeling rejected, not wanted by her mother. I really do think you should go see a doctor

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