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      Hey, so this is my first time posting to this forum. I’m 19 and was recently diagnosed with adhd (though I’ve suspected I had it for a few years now) and I’m currently taking adderall 20 mg extended release. I’m finding it a bit difficult to cope with the loss of appetite, especially seeing as even when I am unmedicated I already find it difficult to eat at times if I am so hyperfocused on a task that I cannot stop what I’m doing, or if there’s nothing in the house that particularly entices me, or if I don’t have the spoons or energy to motivate myself to make food.
      Now, with the fact that I have very few (if any) cravings even during times when I feel physically hungry, it’s only made eating a lot harder. What are some coping strategies or tips I should consider to get myself to eat enough? What have you found works best for you?

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      Penny Williams

      Is there anything you would nibble on? We tell people to be mindful of their eating for weight management and health, but, in your case, some mindless eating/snacking would be a good thing. And, when you do eat, make sure it’s packed full of nutrients and calories.

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      I’ve been on Adderall since July 2018; I initially had the loss of appetite but over the last month or two I can’t stop eating. I originally started with 10mg then a month later went to 20mg and then eventually 30mg, since January of this year I’ve been on adderall 30mg extended release. I kind of wish it’d go back to lowering my appetite more. I also feel super tired lately in the last 2 weeks like I cant get enough sleep but have had some stress too.

      So may be just the phase of your meds adaption or you can carry easy snacks with you (almonds are my go to when I was snacking and not full on hungry).

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      My Doc has always told me to take a high protein breakfast. That really helps me before I take my meds. At lunch I usually just eat fruit and some nuts. At this point my meds are at its peak so I’m this time of day it is hard for me. Then at dinner it’s a little bit easier as the meds have worn off. Hope this helps !

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