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      Hello everyone, I’m new to the community and to acknowledging my symptoms, I’m pleased to meet you all.

      I’m in my 20s and I’m a digital artist! I love drawing with a deep passion, I have since I was little. For me, you couldn’t punish me by saying “go to your room” as I’d likely be there, drawing, haha. However, I’m terrible at keeping up my art, and it’s driving me to a point where I’m frustrated to tears. I never finish any piece, all the drawings take an immense amount of time for me to finish (we’re talking about days, if I draw without a break which is usually the case, to weeks if I have breaks… which means I take forever to pick them back up). I have a vision and I love drawing the way I do, but once I finish all the interesting parts of my painting, I always slow down and eventually sort of drop it, even if I desperately want to finish it.

      I know the answer would be as simple as “don’t think too hard about it”, “it doesn’t need to be perfect” or “do it quickly” or whatever, but sadly none of those are helpful. As an artist, you have a certain way you do your art, and you love doing it, you really do, it’s just so sad seeing all these WIPs piling up…

      I also can’t keep to a project. I’ve been wanting to start plenty of projects, but I never finish them – if I even start them at all! I usually just do a drawing on the go, whatever hits my head at the time. But I always have the projects in the back of my head and I just never get to them…

      It’s so frustrating, it all makes me so genuinely sad. I feel like a failure, failing at the one thing I’m good at and have a real passion for. (instead of one of those impulse hobbies).

      I know this is a very specific topic and I’ll likely not get any responses, but it’s worth trying. Thank you for reading, regardless.

      Any ideas how to handle all of this? Thank you.

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      Hello, I do digital artwork as well and like you have many unfinished pieces. So I totally understand. The interesting part of each piece is the first part … when it is being developed. There can be a long tedious process of finishing details. I have found some ways to cope with this, and to “finish”. You are not alone in this. Robert Bateman, who does the very fine detailed natural paintings (he even uses a magnifying glass), loses interest part way through. I read that he does his paintings in batches (of a limited number) … say six for example … with each painting at a different stage. So he might force himself to work on the “details” of one painting in the morning and then in the afternoon reward himself by working on a newer painting that is still in the fun developmental stage. Or perhaps he works on several at a time on different easels (rotating) idk. But I find that thinking in ” batches”, and working in batches, helps keep me more interested. And digitally, I can group pieces together in a file by type / subject etc. As long as I am putting in the hours, and don’t keep starting new pieces, but instead rotate what I am working on, then at some point it will all get done I figure. And switching it up helps make everything seem a little more “new” … so I am not as tempted to start yet another piece. Kinda like toys in a toy box.

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      I have the same problem. I think one of my biggest factors in this is i always think i can add more, or make it better, then screw it up, and have to fix it…and on..and on..and on..On the upside of this, over time i get new ideas for it, sometimes i will stare at something for weeks trying to figure out what i can do to it or what it needs, ill have ideas but they dont seem to feel right..then all of a sudden it hits me, and its a perfect i tell myself time is helping create it, form it into what its suppose to be!

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