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      I am a college student and have suspected I have ADHD for a while now. It is getting to the point where I really feel I need to seek help but I have no idea where to go or how to pay for it. I am on my parents insurance but my dad told me that it does not cover mental health, not sure if that is true. I work part time and make just enough to live but nothing more and my work does not offer insurance. How do I proceed? I feel trapped. Cannot get help, and cannot succeed because I cannot get help.

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      do you have a primary care physician,If so you might go talk with them to see if they are able to help you with medication,or you might be see if your university or college has a Phychiatrist if so you could ask them.for advice or well,while your figuring out the situation you can go to a vitsmin shoppe and pick of some L-theanine,I used to take that when I was not medicating as it work great for my ADHD I was not the best option but help while I was looking for a new Phychiatrist,I home you get the answers you sure others will definitely respond,I love this community for sure.

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      Try going to your college’s health services. Or your academic counselor for ideas about what services your school or community have. I’d say work more and school less but that doesn’t always solve anything.

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      Dr. Eric

      I was assessed by my college’s assessment center.
      There was still a charge, but it was a lot cheaper than retail.

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      I feel you pain! I’ve been there!
      I’m graduating from the University of Toronto in a few months, I had ADHD and ASD. I just started a website for people in your position
      I just started it and I’ve covered most of the basics on there already.
      Please feel free to email me with any questions!

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