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      Hi, I recently won a settlement against my employer for discrimination and I quit my job. It’s like a victory for us people with ADHD. They failed to provide me with accommodations and people were harassing me (example: throwing pen at me in meetings, name calling, racism, etc). It was also not the right match. The job was sitting in a cubicle whole day, analyzing paperwork, emails, and other office tasks. The pay was decent with good benefits. Still I cannot continue anymore. It’s making me sick and crazy because I feel like a prisoner with no chance to be creative. I am dedicating my full time now to what I really like – create poetic art. I don’t know how I can tell my mom. I’m so nervous. She’s Asian and knows I have ADHD with Dyslexia. But she still expect me to always toughen up and accept things as they are. She will think I completely lost my mind to quit a stable job to become an artist. I know I will have to tell her sooner or later. She does not even know I sue my employer. Please advise if there’s any way to make the talk a little easier. Thank you.

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