How can I remember useful things I read in books?

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      I’ve got several ‘self help’ books on the subject of getting organised. As I read them there are some great tips but I can never remember any of them! It’s like while I’m reading I’ll be completely engrossed in the book but then later I won’t be able to remember any if it so I have to start again.

      Anyone else the same and what can I do to remember all these good ideas?

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      Usually I can only remember something I’ve read, if it’s interesting, but other times if it’s not particularly interesting I don’t seem to remember but then some time later, at the strangest time it’ll pop up when I don’t need and it’s usually when I’m trying to remember something else.
      Sometimes If I write notes about it and stick it to the fridge it helps.
      Good luck.

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        Try to associate what you read with everyday things.

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        I to have the books, and what feels like hundreds of good idea quotes. And unless they are in my face, I don’t remember them. I remember the ones I’ve practiced more, but even those I don’t remember all the time. Like “Handle it once”. I have a tendency to put something at the top of the stairs with the intent to bring it down stairs later. Later can become days. If I can remind myself of the phrase “handle it once” at the time, I will bring the item downstairs and not have to think about it again. I’m so proud of myself when I can do that. Oh and yes I do put notes up. I seem to be good at bypassing those too. I think it was on here somewhere that suggested making the notes very large, and put in places that I can’t miss seeing them. This works only if I remember to do it. 😂 Consistently inconsistent! It drives me nuts! 😜

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      I make an outline of ideas I want to try while I’m reading. And I highlight a lot. Also, I do a lot of pinning. A picture jogs my memory better than words do. Remembering things from books is hard. Remembering things I’ve seen or done is a little easier.

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      I have tried making a note of the key things in both a notebook and on my phone and then I forget to ever look at them!

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      I have so many half read books😄

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      Penny Williams

      Try sticky notes (Post-Its). Put them where you’ll see them, then you don’t have to remember to look for them. And only try to implement 1-2 changes at a time — more will prevent you from being successful with any.

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      It’s like flash cards, but on your phone (free, by duolingo)

      So you don’t have to pay for (or remember where you put) index cards, and it’s easy to put pictures with ideas to make them more memorable.

      Plus, you can set it up to read you the question, in case you have dyslexia or learn better orally.

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      Determine your one or two most bothersome issues and rather than reading the whole book at once, look in the index for your topic, find a solution or two, and decide when and how to implement it right away.

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      You could take notes in a spiral bound notebook. Not like for school. Just if you think something would make a difference for you. When you are done, select just one recommendation and practice it. Give yourself about 3 weeks. By that time you will figure out if its not for you. If it is working it will be a habit. For myself I start with something small, promise myself a reward for success and pay myself for completing the trial period. Then pick a new one. You may include your partner in the selection process, ask for their support (but no nagging) I hope this helps. Good luck.

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