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      It really does suck knowing that you have a disorder that a majority of the population doesn’t believe exists. The ones who do don’t even think it’s a problem. I really hate this, how they just assume we’re all stupid and lazy without even checking simple facts. Where can I spread awareness? How can I shed light on ADHD and make sure a decent amount of people see it? Thanks.

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      I want to know, also. I try to live in gratitude mode. But just like everyone else on the planet, I would like to feel understood. ADD makes life astronomically more difficult. To be understood, rather than criticized would make a problem-filled life so much easier. Telling about ADD sounds like excuses, or whining. People without ADD have no idea of the hardship, and don’t have an interest, or worse, don’t believe it’s even real. Any ideas?

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      I agree, I have the same frustration, almost ever day!

      Here’s an idea: We can share this new video from Jessica McCabe’s “How to ADHD” YouTube Channel:
      She has other great videos which help to explain ADHD, also.

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      Penny Williams

      Here are some expert suggestions on educating ADHD non-believers:

      Enlightening an ADHD Non-Believer

      Set the Record Straight: Your ADHD Awareness Month Toolkit

      ADDitude Community Moderator, Author & Mentor on Parenting ADHD, Mom to teen w/ ADHD, LDs, and autism

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      I’m all for spreading awareness, but I also think we have to acknowledge that some minds are already made up and no amount of education, argument or persuasion will be sufficient to change them. It’s frustrating, but there is nothing to be gained by fixating on people whose opinions you cannot change and that were never your responsibility in the first place. Do what you can to remove or limit their influence in your life and beyond that, try not to dwell on them.

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      Sometimes when someone admires something about me,usually it’s my music, I share with them the reason for my gift. I tell them ADHD people usually are gifted. Most say nothing, some have shared they are, some ask questions. ADHDers are all over the place, sometimes in places of taking care of others, teaching others their gift, we need to be brave not letting the stigma about ADHD silence us. Most of us have been punished even mentioning it to relatives or friends, now though we have to say no more. We are gifted! One person at a time, just like we’re doing ❤️

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      My daughter (who was diagnosed with ADHD herself) is my most vocal CRITIC! When I make a mistake like forgetting something or saying something inappropriate during an argument, she is sure to tell me that I can’t use my ADHD as an excuse. No one in my family knows this, but I’m tired. Really, really tired. I struggle at work. I struggle at home. I struggle maintaining friendships. I struggle to accept the lack of acceptance exhibited by others. I struggle to control spending. I struggle to forgive myself when I lose something important. I struggle to stop being so clumsy. I struggle to not make a huge mess when I cook. I struggle to go to bed at a decent hour. I’ve totally lost the struggle when it comes to eating sweets! I struggle not to cry at least five times a day. I don’t want to struggle anymore. I just want peace. I just want to be out of everyone’s lives so they don’t have to deal with me and my problems anymore. I’m just done.

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      It can be, sorry is, at least for me, a lonely lonely existence. In my case, the massive amount of shame that built up in my life, due to constant failure as a kid. But also it is a condition that is not believed by so many. People are extremely judgmental and an adult like me, unemployed, no direction, well, imagine what I’ve had to handle from the world. I have given up on mentioning that I have severe ADHD because its such a waste of energy for me and the negativity that comes back isn’t worth it. Also I have found people who don’t have the condition no matter how sympathetic just cant imagine it and fare enough. How could you if you didn’t spend a life of struggle with it not being able to escape its claws. I have nothing at 55, no house, no job, no relationship, no money. In some peoples eyes I’m sure I’m a no good lazy so and so with some psychological issues (nut Job). Oh the struggle you know I really think the best thing I’ve ever done was to give up the psychological aspect of struggle but that doesn’t take away the worldly issues of money and work etc. but it is less exhausting.

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      I think you really can’t convert them, unless a family member is born that way.

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      “A person changed against their will, is of the same opinion still”

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