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    I am a 72-year-old man, diagnosed with ADHD, finally, 9-10 years ago. This Webinar, presented by William Dodson, M.D., was the best description of MY ADHD, by far, that I have ever heard or read. And it explains why I have never had any counseling or therapy or “psychosocial intervention”that I felt had any real benefits, either immediate or long-term. I felt as though I was witnessing the announcement of an enormous breakthrough in medical science. And, yet, I don’t see any other discussion or mention of this webinar, unless I am missing it.
    Anyway, I was hugely impressed and inspired. Maybe there is hope!

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    I was particularly intrigued with Dr. Dodson’s description of Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria (RSD) as an ADHD symptom that is not yet accepted as a defining trait. I feel RSD describes how my wife can explode into righteous anger over a perceived slight or disrespect from the children or I. Calming her anger becomes a far larger issue than the initial triggering event which fades into insignificance during her rage. I’m looking for more articles etc. on RSD so if anyone can add a link I’d appreciate it.

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    Both of these articles are written by William Dodson, who also gave the webinar that I heard. Does anyone besides Dr. Dodson recognize RSD as a definable symptom of ADHD? Has it been discussed or recognized in professional journals or symposiums? It certainly exists in my physiology.

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    I have found multiple scholarly articles under the ‘deficient emotional self-regulation’ term. These describe very similar symptoms as per Rejection Sentitivity Dysphoria.

    See Craig B. H. Surman et. al. ‘Understanding deficient emotional self-regulation in adults with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: a controlled study’ (

    Google ‘deficient emotional self-regulation’ and you get many paths to pursue.

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