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      I read stories here about people newly diagnosed or who have lived with ADHD for a number of years. I’m 38 and recently diagnosed and have struggled all my life. I fail in any typical learning environment. I fall behind quickly and struggle to catch up. Usually just giving up after i’m so far in the weeds there is no hope of catching back up. I’m currently working full and going to school full time (online college). I don’t really enjoy college, it’s a ton of work and requires focus i lack. I have been behind the class since the start. Pretty typical for me. I read stories of ADHD people shinning at the 11th hour. Turning a paper in after writing all night. I have never been able to work in the clutch. At the 11th hour i toss in the towel and take a zero. I wish things made more sense and i could breeze through the work.
      I’m also underemployed. I am intelligent, so everyone says. I read stories here of people who have careers or at the very least a decent job. I start a new job in a few weeks that pays more than i have ever made before. Of course i’m worried about messing things up and not keeping the job. But i’m excited for the opportunity and hoping i do well there. My friend also works for the company and was recently diagnosed ADHD after his daughter was diagnosed years ago. He wants me to “calm” down haha, really hard for me to do. He says i’ll do great and have nothing to worry about. I’m even afraid he told them i was diagnosed. All my life people have asked what i want to do. I really have no answer, i really don’t know. I have tons of interests and think about other jobs and careers but just can’t decide to stick in one area. My biggest fear is the future. How will i support myself as the years tick by. Will i be 50 and working at pizza hut? I have already had a lifetime of dead end jobs. I get a job and stick around for years but never go anywhere or make any money. I guess it’s a comfort thing, i have a job so i just stay. But really i’m beyond scared of the years to come. I really hate that i’m labeled a “loser” by most friends and some family. I hate that I feel like I have zero control of my future.
      So the question is how to actually find a career path and more secure future with ADHD.

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