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      So I honestly just didn’t know where to post this and I am just really curious. ( like most of you I’m sure when I’m curious about something it’s all I can focus on. )
      Anyways I’m not judging I’m honestly just curious. So I was diagnosed about a month ago and have been doing a lot of research since then. So I had a friend, (she was extremely high maintenance, constantly either your best friend or mad at you for no reason) and about a year ago I was talking to her about the possibility of myself having ADHD. She said she had ADHD but the hyperfocus type so she didn’t take medication. In all of my research since being officially diagnosed, I have never heard of or come across someone whos main symptom was hyperfocus. Obviously all ADHD ADD brains can hyperfocus, but usually not when they choose to. She didn’t want to medicate because her hyperfocus helped her study and do her homework. Which for me now just doesn’t make since. I mean I guess it’s possible she was just really interested in her homework. I don’t know I guess I’m just looking to see what you guys think.I’m just curious.

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      Ive known 2 or 3 like that. Usually the kind that trained themselves to do work when they could..but were poor at personal rwlationships because theyd burn out on the energy drain. Its like psyching yourself into being fatalistic and then recouperating and being bla about everything else.. selective anxiety…

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