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      So my 6th grade ADHDer is having some issues with math word problems. He is gifted in math, but these words problems are causing anxiety. So last night I review his homework, I see off to the side of the word problem, my son has worked out all the math needed correctly but has failed to answer any of the questions below. Question 1 was actually two questions: “Does Dakita have enough money to buy her tickets? Where did her rounding go wrong?”

      His work clearly shows that Dakita did not have enough money. So I ask him “Does Dakita have enough money” and his little mind just goes from zero to 100 mph. Hopping from everything from what his math says, to what his teacher told him in class regarding rounding, to what is a tenth. He N-E-V-E-R got around to answering the simple yes or no question that he had the answer for.

      So I stop him, tell him to breath and I repeat “does Dakita have enough money? – YES or NO”. Again, same thing – going all over the place. It took us 15 minutes for him to say “NO”. Next question “Where did her rounding go wrong?” – He knew the answer but again, off into left field.

      How to I help him with this? Any coping strategies? This affects other areas too, a simple yes or no is never what he answers with. But he’s finding it impossible to come up with a simple answer so he’s just leaving big blanks on his homework, even though the knowledge is there. H-E-L-P! He was stressed and I felt like a failure because I had no clue how to help him.

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      My son last year in the 6th grade had similar issues. He was bored “out of his mind” his words. I
      Made a game out of each problem, but something he enjoys. It helped to bring it something he liked.
      But getting him tested, at least for math, might be a good idea. What he is doing in class maybe not challenging enough for him. So what he is doing is his way of showing you, he is bored. My son was so bored they are putting him in Honors classes in 7th grade, that start next week. They expect him to be in the 8th grade before the end of this year.
      Ask for testing and past test scores (that were done in lower grades) it might help. Always ask the teacher for tutoring can’t hurt.
      Good Luck.

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      Penny Williams

      It does sound like he may be struggling with anxiety about potentially get the wrong answer. Perfectionism is anxiety, really.

      It could also be a language processing issue. Here’s some insights into that so you can determine if maybe it’s something you should explore.

      [Screener] Auditory Processing Disorder in Children

      Free Webinar Replay: “What Do You Mean?” Language Processing Deficits in Children with ADHD

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