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      Hi all,

      I was diagnosed with ADD two months ago and am now on medication. It’s helping at work and in my home life. However (and this sounds like a trivial problem), I still can’t seem to concentrate enough to finish any of my unfinished hobby projects. What do you do? Set a timer and make yourself complete them? Does it get easier? I feel like I need/want to finish them.


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      Do you take your meds only in the morning? That could be part of it. For me, my meds have mostly worn off by the time I get home and the rebound sets in and I’m very tired so it’s hard to focus on stuff after work. Perhaps talking to your doctor about taking a half dose of an immediate release med an hour or so before you get home would help without impacting your sleep. Just a thought!

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      I’d highly suggest checking out some of the videos on the HowToADHD Youtube channel. Search in the channel for “procrastination,” “tasks,” or “getting things done.” There’s no one solution.

      Also, decide why these things are important to you. Are they important to you? Do you just want to finish them to feel a sense of accomplishment? Do you need to complete them for a certain job or person?

      Not all tasks have to be done. We sometimes put pressure on ourselves because we feel they do, though.

      Definitely check out the channel. There’s lots of options for tips and tricks that are worth trying out. Maybe you’ve tried them all before, but people share stuff in the comments sections of the videos that work too.

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      Thank you both! I will definitely check out the HowToADHD videos (have not heard of them) and also will see if I can get a medicine that lasts longer. By 5 pm, I’m back to my “old me” and it’s so frustrating. I appreciate both of your responses.

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      Penny Williams

      There are some solid strategies in this article that may help too:

      Put a Bow on Finished Projects

      ADDitude Community Moderator, Parenting ADHD Trainer & Author, Mom to teen w/ ADHD, LDs, and autism

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      Hi KIM,
      I’ve been struggling with this since I was a teenager. A co-worker once told me that engineer’s dont get hobbies, we get month long obsessions. I feel that applies double if you have ADHD. For a long time I felt like I was never finishing hobbies and abandoning project for new ones, but now I realize that my hobby obsessions are a circle. I’ve made peace with not finishing project by putting them away (rubbermaid containers are your friend) and just getting back to it when I feel like it. Right now my hobby circle consists of photography, model making, playing guitar, and building electronics. Sometimes I don’t mess with certain projects for months, but it helps me to be able to press pause when I need to, and more importantly, being able to un-pause a project without starting over.
      At some point I just had to accept that I had a dedicated corner of the house for paused projects and for me, it felt better than feeling like I wasn’t getting anything done by abandoning hobbies.

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      Hello, I completely get it! I would check out the book FINISH by Jon Acuff. It has helped me look at my projects differently (i am kind of an all in or nothing type of guy from time to time). I work better when i have a frame work to work in; it helps me to refocus when I stray with the details or feel the need to be perfect when i don’t need to be…the framework just helps me with forward momentum in general no matter how big or how small the project…or whether its something with a hard stop (like cleaning the garage) or just an ongoing thing (like learning to play the guitar). Hope that helps…Sometimes you just want/need it done…sometimes you want it done and want to enjoy the journey too…it doesn’t need to be (and won’t be) perfect…sometimes just done is good enough! Good luck! (sorry for the annoying grammer:)

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      Hi Kim-
      It sounds like this is a struggle that many of us face. My friends and I also have these issues. Like Lynx (earlier reply), I have bins for my works in progress. One of my friends says that her waiting projects are in “time out” and that they are being punished. Because we do these things for fun, not due to obligations, reframing the situation has almost no downsides other than taking up space. Lastly, my friends and I, have “finish-it” craft days a few times a year. I don’t know how much we actually finish, but it gets me re-energized for a project that I have put down for awhile. It also makes me tidy my craft space a few times a year which is a definite bonus. Have fun crafting!

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      Thank you all for the replies and helpful advice! I appreciate it a lot and will try these tips.

      I just saw these replies, and will sign up for e.mail notifications in the future.

      Thanks again! 🙂

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