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      Hello, everybody.

      My name is Alejandro Silva.I’m diagnosed with predominantly-inattentive sub-type ADHD, and I’m a junior at Leonardtown High School’s Global and International Studies program in St. Mary’s County, and I’m currently conducting my AP Capstone research project. For some context, the Capstone is an in-depth research paper based on data collection and analysis; essentially a thesis-level paper done at the high school level.

      The subject of my study, in particular, is Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and its impacts on the social aptitude of adolescents aged 17-18. I aim to expand existing knowledge about the more personal aspect of these effects via a series of in-depth interviews conducted with research volunteers personally or digitally. In order to find and recruit potential participants, I have been reaching out to high schools in my local area, as well as online communities such as this one.

      If you are 16-18 years old and have been clinically diagnosed with one of ADHD’s subtypes (Primarily Hyperactive-Impulsive ADHD, Primarily Inattentive ADHD, or Combined Type ADHD), please consider contributing to my research by participating in a series of semi-structured interviews that I will be conducting until I have collected enough data.

      If you’re interested in participating, or have any questions, please contact me at ADHD.CAPSTONE.2021@Gmail.com. If you are under 18 and decide to contact me, please include parents or guardians in any correspondence you have with me. This ensures both your safety and privacy and will keep your caretakers informed of the research process.

      If you have any questions for my supervisor/teacher, please contact Dr. Robin Solomon at rmsolomon@smcps.org

      If you decide that you’d like to participate and contact me, you and your guardians can expect to be supplied with an informed consent form detailing what to expect during your participation in the study.

      Thank you very much for your time, and I hope to hear from you soon.

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      the age range of participants is actually 16-18. sorry for the typo.

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