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      My grandson is on AdderallXR 10mg and is has lost a couple of pounds. The DR is not real concerned about the lose but doesn’t want this to continue. His mom has custody and all she is telling his dad is to give him something like a smoothie. In the DR instructions he put “Add a high calorie nutrition shake at lunch”. Grandson showed his dad what mom is buying and it is Odwella fruit smoothie which neither of us is quite what we think the DR means. Need input.

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      For some kids when they take a stimulate they don’t eat as much and lose weight. If they keep losing weight they will quit giving the medication. I give my kids vitamins and there was a time when I gave them carnation breakfast, comes in powder or plastic bottles and gives them what they need. You mix the powder kind with milk or can even put in a milk shake. I haven’t heard of Odwella fruit smoothie but I am sure its the same concept.

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      Penny Williams

      The Odwalla smoothies have a lot of nutritional value. However, they don’t have much protein but do have a decent amount of calories. What the doc was recommending was probably something like Ensure: https://ensure.com/nutrition-products/ensure-enlive-advanced-nutrition-shake.

      Here are more ideas for helping kids who are losing weight on stimulants:

      When Meds Affect Appetite

      In the end, the doctor’s suggestion is simply that, and mom gets to decide what she feeds her kids.

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      Dr. Eric

      My experience is that what the child is willing/able to drink is more important than how perfect the ingredient/nutrient list is for prepackaged smoothies/shakes.

      My son is a 70lb, 12y 10month 7th grader.

      We have made the most progress by almost giving up on school lunch and giving him snacks that provide as many calories as we can get him to take (yes, it violates the school policies.) We focus on getting him awesome breakfast, a light lunch instead of snack when he first gets home, and a really healthy dinner (with high-cal options that the adults don’t eat).

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      Thanks everyone for the information. The Additude link was very helpful. Dad is sending a high energy protein shake (generic from WalMart). Grandson likes the taste and hopefully it will help, time will tell with that. Not real happy with what mom is sending and she now has him for several days and will be going back in for weight check in a couple of weeks so will see what weight is.
      what dad is hearing mom feeds him more snacks than the high protein calorie foods but nothing can be done about that. Once again thanks for the information

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