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      My son is on concerta and our pediatrician is very concerned with his weight. He is 50″ and weighs 58 lbs. Its always a struggle to pack something high calorie and something he will eat in his lunch during the day, and have him eat at night. He will eat a little, not much. I just bought him a bento lunch box so all he has to do is open one thing and all his food is unopened and easily accessible. I also pack a pediasure in his lunch.
      I use pediasure usually 2-3 times a day, bananas, kiwis (as he loves fruit). He does not care for cut up cheese or peanut butter, he will not eat a sandwich. I try to have pasta, turkey, chicken at dinner time. he does not like potatoes. any ideas for picky eaters that have high calories, I’m all ears – desperate for new ideas. thank you!!!!

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      Penny Williams

      There’s a recent discussion that’s similar here: https://www.additudemag.com/forums/topic/high-calorie-small-quantity-school-lunch-ideas-please/

      If he likes Periasure, try making your own protein shakes and pack in the calories. I use to make my kids milkshakes for breakfast with: protein powder, whole milk, full fat ice cream, peanut butter, and banana. I believe you can add powdered milk for even more calories.

      The trick is protein and calories. A variety isn’t worth forcing, you just have to find what he can tolerate that gives him these high needs.

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