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      Hi folks,
      Hope everyone is doing well.
      I went to ADHD doctor to see if I have ADHD he says yyes based on his testing. Do any of you find that eeven though you have had adequate sleep after intense focus at the office you start yawning like 2 or 3 in the same minute that you hhave to take a break. I’m on Vyvnase 40 MG and seven though I take the drug around 730 I’m still experiencing the yawn around the 10 am 1030 time pperiod but when 1130 kicks in I can focus like rread for more than hour with NO yawning. I guess tthe ADHD drug is kicking in. Anyone experiencing similar symptoms? I’m going to take the drug around 6am now. It’s about how quickly your body absorbs the medication which is less than 3 hours?

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      Hi, and welcome!

      I do get tired at times during the day even when I get enough sleep. I’ve kind of assumed that it was a fairly common thing, since the “5 Hour Energy” ads mention that people get a “2:30 feeling” of being tired. Then again, I have a very inconsistent sleep schedule, which I hear can make you tired even if you get adequate sleep.

      As far as medication, I’m not sure if I have an answer, sorry. Keep trying things!

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      Hello, my name is Jan G. Just to keep down confusion I am male. I live near Atl. I am an undergrad student at an SB. seminary. I am in the midst of a class that requires me to write a research paper. We use a form called Turabian which is pretty complicated, at least to me plus figuring out how to make MS word do what I need it to do. I have 3 weeks to turn in my finished paper and so far I have the introductory paragraph written. I have done a lot of research and have most of my sources but I am in a panic over how to organize them and make the paper make sense. I have taken this class 2 times before and withdrew because I couldn’t find enough resources for the topic I chose to write. This time the professor chose a group of topics and we chose from those. I chose “What did Paul mean by “The husband of one wife” in 1’st Timothy 3:2. I just feel like this is never going to get done because I can’t get my head wrapped around how to outline the paper and get it to come out right. What I mean is give enough weight to both sides of the argument without getting way too far in the weeds. I would feel a lot better working with someone who knew this process well. I don’t want someone to write the paper for me, just help me stay on track and help me strategize on the outline and help to organize my references. I also can use help with the Turabian formatting. The folks on campus have the luxury of friends who have done this that they can consult. I am at an extension center and I know no one who can help me. I really need an idea on someone to help me or a strategy to get this done. I have already missed the deadline to turn in the rough draft, but the professor is giving me some grace there. I need to have it in in the next couple of days. I have a good number of resources, some on one side or the other of the argument.
      IF anyone knows who I should contact please let me know.
      I am on my meds.

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