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      Hi, so this is my first time posting stuff. I am in my later years of high school and was diagnosed with ADHD in first grade and have been on meds since second grade. I want to make a film about what I have been going through with ADHD that no one talks about because before 3 days ago no one really told me that so many other things in my life were affected by my ADHD and I have never had proper therapy for my disorder. My parents are both doctors and love me but I take meds (which eliminates any appetite) to do school and then we really don’t mention the ADHD at all, so no one told me that things like my lack of motivation where not just me being lazy.

      So the reason I am writing this is because despite what I have looked up I have not really found a lot on my specific problem and I was wondering if it happened to anyone else. I have been taking meds since I was 8 and at that age when you don’t want to eat you don’t and no one at school or really tried to tell me how important it would be to eat regularly especially because of my ADHD. This became particularly bad in middle school (also because of all of the other stuff that happens in middle school) because I was not eating at all during the day, most days, not even breakfast, I started to have sports daily, and then I would get hungry at night like super hungry it would not come until late and then I would overeat. I would feel so much shame because my dad would say you can’t/shouldn’t eat past 9:00.

      I would also not be able to stop eating on the weekends and the summer. I would always chalk it up to I don’t have any diet control because I have never had normal eating. However, it became particularly apparent this summer that the medication might not only have worse and or hidden and an eating disorder that I may have developed in middle school but worsened it. I am an athlete and a person who is body conscious and this summer was a time for me to really work on getting to my best for college stuff. I got so much healthier with food but I still could not stop eating I didn’t know what it was but I seemed to be always hungry. People around me told me that I just needed more will power and control. It’s horrible to say, but sometimes I would just think, “I should not eat tomorrow” but they I would get to a point the next day and I couldn’t stop the hunger. It took me 5 seconds to research something that I wish my parents or my psychiatrist told me 5 years ago.

      I think I might have binge eating disorder (BED). I am not diagnosed but when I read about how it manifest in people with ADHD I cried because it described me to a T. I am only off my meds in the summer and the weekends so I guess it was not as noticeable all those years before (probably for other reasons too), but my question (to the one person who is still reading) after this long explanation of my life is does this happened to anyone else? do your meds cause you to overeat and possibly worsen BED? in my research people say using ADHD meds helps some people with BED but not how people with ADHD could be negatively affected in terms of BED when taking/coming off their meds.

      SIDE NOTE: There is also a lot of shame and guilt around this stuff because I worked so hard this summer to get in shape and worked out more than I ever had and totally changed what I eat to be healthier and tried to stop my cravings (which I kind of did sometimes) but I barely lost any weight, and then I am back to school on my meds, I am eating 1/2 a meal a day, working out 1/5 of the amount I did over the summer and I drop 5 pounds in a week. Does anyone else struggle with that kind of shame or feeling not good enough?

      SIDE NOTE OVER: If anyone has any articles or stories they want to share please do and if anyone has something that is happing to them that they want to share and might be important to add in my film please do. 🙂

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      Penny Williams

      Struggles with eating are common with ADHD, especially when a stimulant medication is reducing your appetite a good bit of the time.

      Are You “Chemically Wired” to Gain Weight?

      ADDitude Community Moderator, Parenting ADHD Coach, Podcaster & Author, Mom to teen w/ ADHD, LDs, and autism

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        This is such a very good and interesting article.

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      Hi LillyRose04! I don’t have too much to say about meds and eating, except for that I empathize with what you’re going through, and have also had some disordered eating patterns on many of the ADHD medications I’ve tried. I hope you discover more information that’s helpful to you.

      I’m mostly reaching out because you said you’d like to make a film about ADHD, and the unspoken effects of it. I’m a young female filmmaker, recently graduated from college, and still navigating the effects of my ADHD, and I would love to collaborate with you on the project, or just be a help to you, if you’re interested 🙂 let me know!

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