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      I’m rather new to this website and forum; my counselor gave me the name of this website to help. I have anxiety and some OCD tendencies so I’m trying not to read too much into all this. It also helps to an extent though learning how my brain works and I’m crazy with how I do things or how I feel about certain things. Forgetting things is my hardest struggle. I have to have a list for day to day things and to help me stay organized, which is another struggle. Remembering dates and important things are often hard and I forget or get mixed up with other similar events or dates. My room has never been very clean for very long. I often feel overwhelmed and just quit until the motivation comes around again. I’m hoping in time I am able to learn more and find answers as to why my brain is the way it is, and how to help myself keep up with everyone else in the world. Learning about all this just makes much more sense in terms of why I do things, such as speak out of turn which I know it rude and a no no, or why it is so easy for me to over eat or shop too much without feeling bad. I’m sure I could keep going with struggles, but for now I’m going to stop.
      Thank you for everyone who read this~

      I hope you have a wonderful day/night!

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