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      Hi, I am taking 5 mg Adderall XR. It does not seem quite right so wondering for my dr appt whether to get it again or maybe try Vyvanse.
      This is what happens on the Adderal XR :
      It helps me focus. It makes me feel “here” and focused on my enviroment instead of “living in my head”. It quiets my normally very active mind … I love that ! I do not ruminate or constantly try to solve all my life’s problems instead of (or while) doing daily chores. It in fact quiets my mind “too much” though, in that complex mental (necessary) tasks on my computer are more difficult to figure out. It does not help my short-term memory issues. It does not make me feel anxious. It does make me feel physically “propelled”… go go go (though that is not consistant over the 12 hours). After it wears off I feel a sense of “whew I am physically exhausted”, and don’t feel up for taking it the next day … which has led to me trying it only 1-2 times a week (supposed to report back to doctor) which might be part of the problem that maybe I am just not used to it ? I can notice it “kick in” an hour after taking it, then it evens out, then possibly noticing it kick it again half way through? I can notice when it wears off. Is that what Adderal XR does is basically kick in half the crystals immediately, than kick in the other half after 4-6 hours ?
      This is why I am asking re Vyvance :
      Note though …Mostly importantly, I don’t want a medicine that would be stronger effect than the Adderall XR 5 mg, and my pharmacist says that Vyvance starts at 10 mg so that would be stronger? I tried Addrerall XR 10 mg (once) and I felt dizzy, felt drunk, and starred at a tree in the park like I had never seen a tree before lol.
      But wondering re Vyvance: Is it more of a gradual, “kicking in” bit by bit over the whole time ?
      Would it make me feel less “physically propelled” ?
      Any advice appreciated, thanks in advance …

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      I should add that the 5 mg “Adderall XR” is the Sandoz generic.
      The 10 mg Adderall XR” I tried was generic that said “ACT”

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      In regards to your post. This was me!! The Adderall ER 20mg worked like night and day, however I felt so lethargic, and like I was riding a roller coaster all day. I was to the point I did not want to take it because of how it drained me. I spoke with my doctor, and requested that I be given a different medicine. He allowed me to stop the XR and take the 20 IR. THIS WORKED!! No dramatic symptoms, fatigue, or feeling like you want to give up on the medicine. The XR just does not work for some. Remember we are wired differently than everyone else. If you have a great understanding doctor who understands Adult ADHD, he will let you guide your therapy. You know how the medicine works for you. Good luck, and experiment with different doses, and brands.

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