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      My son has received his diagnosis of ADHD combined. He also has Clerical Motor Speed Weakness Secondary to ADHD, and Adjustment Disorder with anxiety and is at risk for ODD. None of this is a huge surprise to us. We just need advise on where to go from here.

      We don’t know much at all about Clerical Motor Speed Weakness. Apparently, this affects his production dramatically. His tests very high in most areas with the exception of this one. Does anyone have any good resources for us to understand this better?

      Psych cannot see him until late April at the earliest. We will be discussing medication and getting counseling for him, and the family.

      His 504 is scheduled for the beginning of March, but the teachers have agreed to start implementing changes now.

      The Psychologist recommended:
      50% extra time on all tests.
      Testing in a quiet, private or small group setting.
      Oral testing when feasible.
      Preferential seating.
      Behavior management plan.
      Extra time on assignments.
      Shorten assignments/homework or work periods.
      Pair written instructions with oral instructions.

      What else can we do to help our son succeed?

      Thank you for any and all suggestions!


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      Penny Williams

      I haven’t heard the term Clerical Motor Speed Weakness before, but I’m assuming it’s slow processing speed. My son also has this as many with ADHD do. In school, extended time on tests and assignments will be key. When he’s old enough to be expected to take notes in class, they should be provided to him. Anything that takes some speed with processing and responding will require some leeway for his success.

      In general, allowing him more time to process and answer. When my son was young I’d count to 5 in my head before I expected a response after talking to him. Most of the time he was processing and going to respond but I didn’t give him enough time.

      Slow Processing Speed: Signs & Solutions for a Misunderstood Deficit

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      Good luck! You are doing a great job advocating for him, but it helps to have someone else in your ring. Consider hiring an advocate, if possible. One of the best decisions we have made. Just to read the 504, or to attend mtgs. They may recommend an IEP if the disabilities affect learning. while you wait for psychiatrist, it’s your right to ask the school to test if they haven’t already. They would have a required timeline to get it done. You could compare their results with the psychiatrist.

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