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      Hi all, I desperately need some suggestions to help me with my family’s bill paying. Yep, I’m the designated bill payer, and even though I have switched as many bills as possible over to automatic-pay, there are always a few (usually local vendors) that do not offer that convenience. How do you keep everything organized? I thought I had it all figured out (a spot for incoming bills, a file for paid/waiting-to-be-filed bills, etc), but that system only works if I actually GO OVER THERE and Pay. The. Bills. Three guesses how well that turns out.

      I’ve tried using my bank’s mobile app, and paying bills at the kitchen counter as I open them up. I stopped doing that when the bank had some kind of glitch and several of my payments never made it into the system. I thought it was paid, but it never actually was, and one bill almost went into collections.

      I’ve been using my bank’s online bill-pay system for years on my laptop, but they recently switched software and I no longer get a confirmation number when I submit a payment, meaning that I have to trust both my notes and that the bank has actually done everything correctly.

      To be honest, I have never been able to balance a checkbook EVER, and I am 45.

      I loathe sitting at my desk and spending half the day trying to figure out if something was paid and what still needs to get paid. I am at my wit’s end. And for all my complaining about my bank, I really do like everything else about them: they are local, hold our mortgage, are great in the community, etc. But bill-paying is pretty essential, and I’m wondering if I should switch to a big national bank for that. Ugh.

      I had thought that with the decline of paper checks, this task would become easier and less time-intensive. It has, but now I’m wondering if I should go back to the dreaded paper checks for everything.

      Anyone have any suggestions for me?

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      Switch vendor if you can. 🙂

      When you can, schedule a day for bill paying once a month.

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      Penny Williams

      I use Mint and I love it. It’s online and FREE. I linked all my utility, loan, and credit card accounts and can pay almost everything right out of Mint. It pulls in all my bank accounts and keeps everything updated each time I log in. They have an app as well. I pay bills twice a month, after each of my husband’s paychecks.

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