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      I have an intense job and I am highly motivated by the results of my work and the challenges on my path to success. This job requires a lot of concentration and can be high profile at times. I have worked my way up in the company and people in my position have offices with doors. I use music (desk speakers) to drown out office noise and help me focus. It also helps because of my very sensitive hearing. The constant office chatter is disturbing because I can pick up on several conversations at once. I hate to wear headphones.
      In my office I maintain my calendar in Outlook like most people. I also have a 4-month wall calendar that gives me a visual on items with longer deadlines and are staged and I keep a paper daily calendar (or to do list that compliments my Outlook list). I am a paper based note taker (I will not switch to One Note) and prefer print reference material over electronic. Yes, I am little old school.
      So, my company has been touting the great things about open office and collaborative spaces. We are all losing our office and the new office space will not even have assigned seating. I will be losing my concentration zone, my ability to play music without headphones, my wall calendar, and a place to keep my “clutter” (print reference material and things I am working on). I have not shared my ADHD or OCD diagnosis with the company or my manager. I fear this change will severely dampen my ability to work. One thing I am doing is setting up a home office to work from home more, but I dont work from home often because I am easily distracted there. I love my job but I am seriously thinking of leaving to go to another company that can offer a better office space.
      I’m hoping others may have some helpful suggestions to ease my anxiety around the upcoming change. Thanks!

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      Penny Williams

      You’re certainly not the only one struggling with this. While the concept of collaboration and everyone being on the same team is great, it’s not the best environment for productivity.

      “The Open Office and ADHD: Imperfect Together”

      There are a couple prior discussions here on this topic with some great ideas: (1) and 2)

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