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      Hello everyone,
      I recently reconnected with a friend after years of not talking to each other’s, things would shift from going well to be completely ignored. I suffer from major depression and that made me feel a lot anxious and not needed to this person. My main struggle is that i had no idea what they were going through. Recently they opened up to me and said they might struggle with ADHD (they’re still not sure about it, but there are many sign it must be it)

      I wanted to ask, is it normal if my friend doesnt answer messages? Sometimes we would send each other’s such long messages and replay at least once a week. Then they disappeared for a while and when they came back we only exchanged few messages, i felt like they were trying to get rid of me , by seenzoning me and not giving more prompts to the convo.
      Recently i contacted them to discuss this and they said they struggle a lot with keeping up with a convo, everything is a blur to them.

      They don’t know how to deal with this issue.
      I’m trying to be supportive as much as i can, it hurts a bit because we were finally hitting off as friends again, but i cant force them to talk to me if they don’t feel like it. I just wanted to know if i should ‘’insist’’ in a way with our chats, to show them i care, if i should just leave them be. What could i tell them to help them out to be more responsive with messages? They said they tried everything they could but they still struggle to keep a ‘’schedule’’ and not feel like everything is a blur and stick to talking to people, going out with friends etc.

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