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      we have a wonderful 11 yr old boy diagnosed with ADHD about 5 yrs ago . He is on 2 x 27mg concerta per day as well as 2 intunivs in the evening. We have noticed recently that at dinner time when meds wear off he gets into the impulsivity again. Is there any way to combat that ? I dont think we should increase dosage as he is already at 54mg day at 11 yrs old and he weights about 80 lbs. Any suggestions ? He does ok in school and is going into Grade 7. We had a Psych test done 2 yrs ago and he has close to a genius IQ at over 140

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      You might ask your doctor for a very, very low dose of Risperdal, like 2.5. It’s an antipsychotic, but it works very differently on kids with ADHD and calms down my son’s evening impulsiveness. I don’t think increasing his current meds is a good idea either as concerta usually blocks appetite. Since he’s on a methylphenidate based drug you might want to talk to the doctor about switching to Daytrana (a patch) or Quillivant (a liquid). Neither of those have interfered with my son’s appetite. Of course, all kids respond differently. Or you can get dinner into him earlier and into bed and avoid more meds altogether.

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      i thinka small dose of risperdal or aripipraazole also can work for evening impulsiveness

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      Penny Williams

      The Intuniv was likely prescribed to combat medication rebound and symptoms like impulsivity when the stimulant wears off. Definitely talk to the prescribing doctor about this.

      Stimulants aren’t prescribed based on size or age. The right dosage depends on an individual’s genetics, metabolism, and neurotransmitter functioning. Learn more about how ADHD medications work here:

      A Patient’s Primer on the Stimulant Medications Used to Treat ADHD

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