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      Hey, I have just been diagnosed and started StratStrattera. First 2 days, suddenly felt a much les strong emotinal respons to anxiatys from my past. My biggest problem is dealing with strong feelings of shame from past events. I am 38, but three out my teens and 20s I developed addictions as a way to self sooth. I feel a lot of shame about past events and it’s become almost like an obsession to ruminate and this causes a lot of emotinal pain. I noticed a big decrease of emotinal responses during the first few days of Stratter, but now on day 4 (only 18mg) I feel a constant sort of fight and flight respons and a lot of anxiaty. Dos anyone know if during the first few days of starting Strattera norepinephrine in the brain is decreased?

      Also, any advice about how to treat the Anxiaty?


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      Penny Williams

      You need to discuss this with your prescribing doctor ASAP. These are not “normal” side effects for this medication. It can cause emotional struggles. There are other options for treating ADHD.

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      Thanks Penny,

      I had to discontinue the Stratter at 28mm, it made my anxiaty very bad. I’m in a tricky situation. I have been on SSRI for about 11 years and started to develop phychosis out of the blu. I have to take antiphychotics and this is terrible for the ADD.

      I am 38 and only diagnosed recently, but realised I was in a bad way with self medicating about 10 years ago. I mad big lifestyle changes and quit any addictive behaviours. I have been in phychotherapy for three years, but still fined myself suffering with crippling anxiaty and self esteem problems.Im from the UK, but have lived here in Finland for the past 16 years and the very dark winters dont help!

      Do you are anyone have any recommendations for a non SSRI antidepresant that has helped with ADD and Anxiaty? I especially suffer with rumination past events every waking hour. I noticed the Stratter help with the rumination but not Anxiaty. Dos
      anyone els suffered with this sort of almost OCD rumination with OCD?


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