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      Anyone get COVID and now their medication isn’t working anymore?? I tried to maintain a study schedule but my fatigue was insanely bad and Adderall did not work at all. I took a break from it, but now it still won’t work. Anyone go through something similar?

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      I had covid in March. I wouldn’t say that my medicine “stopped working” (at least not more than usual) but rather that it wasn’t able to overcome the brain fog and fatigue I experienced for several months afterwards. I barely got anything done, spent a lot of time in bed, felt like a zombie. I was worried I had chronic fatigue or something like that, but as of this month, I’m starting to feel better again and I’m getting a lot more school work done.

      You aren’t alone. I’ve had an extremely difficult time keeping up in school. I’m normally a very dedicated and hard working student. Before I got sick, I would study about 30 hours a week. Now, I’m lucky if I can do more than 5 hours of school work. You might have some post-covid brain fog and I’m so sorry if that’s what is happening. I haven’t felt like myself most of this year and it was scary and depressing. I don’t feel 100% yet, but I genuinely feel like the fog is clearing now. I hope it starts to for you as well.

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      You’re not alone… I have been researching this for close to a month now to find any information regarding this phenomenon or stories similar to my own. My personal experience has been that the fatigue I have experienced post Covid has been much worse than the virus itself.

      My current medication and dosage (adderall XR, 30 mg) has always worked for me as long as I paid close attention to my diet, exercise, and sleep schedule. Before Covid, I had never experienced any recognizable issues with my medication or current dosage.

      Post Covid, I immediately realized that my body had become unresponsive to my medication. I originally believed that this was due to post viral fatigue. After consulting with my physician I took a short break (2 weeks) to really focus on recovery and returning to my daily routine pre-Covid. Afterwards, my energy levels completely returned and in many ways I am now healthier than I was prior to falling ill.

      However, I’m months removed from recovering from the virus and still not responding to any medication or dosage whatsoever. I am also struggling with symptoms that I have personally never had much of an issue with in the past.

      I know how disheartening this has been for myself, and I’m sorry to hear that you’re experiencing something similar.

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      Dr. Eric

      Your body is probably still recoverying.
      The adderall is probably working, but the goals posts were just moved father away until you are 100% again.

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      Hopefully you feel better soon!

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      Yes I have been experiencing this as well. I had Covid over the summer and have recovered. However, my attention is so fleeting i find myself repeating the task I’m about to to over and over in my head on my way to do it and snapping at anyone that tries to talk to me along the way for fear I’ll forget. The adderall I have always taken doesn’t seem to do anything anymore. I found this thread when I was looking to see if anyone else was experiencing the same thing.

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      YESSS! I had COVID right before everyone knew COVID was here in Los Angeles (late Dec./early Jan.). In the Spring, I began noticing a difference with my ADHD and the meds not working the same. But, then we went on lockdown and I was teaching from home and then summer came and went, so I didn’t notice it as much because I didn’t have anything I had to do. As soon as I went back to work, I definitely noticed a difference and then they switched the manufacturer. It got worse after that to the point that I didn’t feel like I was taking anything. I was also put on an inhaler from my primary dr. for having shortness of breath (yes, 9 months later after COVID!). I spoke to my psych and he upped my meds from 20 to 25 mg and now I’m back to normal, if not better. The shortness of breath is going away too, as it happens more and more infrequently. I took a lot of ginger/turmeric supplements, zinc twice a week, vitamin D twice a week and a lot of vitamin C. Not that that’s what did it, but who knows. I also did the Whole30 to rid my body of any inflammation and I just finished the 30 days and I feel AMAZING! Lost 9 pounds, my skin is glowing and I just feel super healthy.

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      Thank you all for the postings.
      They have given me some new thoughts on a problem of mine-staying awake.

      I’m not on Adderall; I’m on Vyvanse, (again, as I need to be), and it’s only my second month back on it, after unhappily being off it for about two years. I was on 20 mg last month, 40 mg now. At some point, it may go up, as my best dose some years ago was at 60 mg; we’ll see.
      I have always been sleepy-able to fall asleep anywhere, at anytime, including driving or while stopped at a stop light.
      Though I had a lot less problem falling asleep in traffic when I was on Vyvanse for eight years. It was easier to stay
      awake 24/7.
      The biggest thing Vyvanse has done for me lately is it immediately allows me to “WAKE UP” in the mornings. I sleep-a lot-about ten hours a day lately, and quite honestly, if I didn’t force myself to get out of bed, I could go right back to sleep for even longer. But now that I’m on Vyvanse again, I can take my med half an hour or so before the time I really NEED to be awake, and once I’m out of the bed, it’s like someone has switched an “ON” switch in my brain. I can speak coherently, sing a nonsense song to my chinchillas, and go start the daily, (boring), chores.

      Before I got back on Vyvanse, I would sleep eight to ten hours a night, but even when I forced myself out of bed in the (late) morning, I would have “brain fog” and sleepiness till 3 pm or so. Obviously, my best time has always been from about 1 pm to 3 am.
      I’ve been worried lately, because even with the Vyvanse, although it wakes me up, I still could sleep the day away easily, and I don’t seem really refreshed in the mornings.

      I did have Covid back in the late Fall, and I actually keep kind of forgetting that because my symptoms were really mild, and I was only sick about a week.
      Now I’m thinking that my need for tons of sleep every day may actually be a ‘fall-out’ symptom from the Covid. It makes sense, as the need for sleep has definitely escalated in the past few months.
      Re-reading this, I can tell that I am already way sleepier than I should be. So-apologies for the somewhat incoherent posting. And thanks for bringing the possible “Covid Fatigue Fall-Out” to my attention!

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      YES!!! Since recovering from covid my ADHD symptoms have exploded. What used to take a few seconds to do may now take minutes because I forget what I was actually doing. My dose that I’ve been on for a while now is no longer working at all. I normally take med breaks to keep tolerance down so I don’t think this is a tolerance issue. I was recently written up at my job for the first time because I just can’t focus or remember what I’m doing. If anyone knows where to get help for this please send it my way. I can’t function like this.

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