Has anyone found the best medication for feeling very overwhelmed?

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      Penny Williams

      This discussion was originally started by user libra_harmonie in ADDitude’s now-retired community. The ADDitude editors have included it here to encourage more discussion.

      Hi All.  I am new to this Group but have been a subscriber for a few years.

      I was diagnosed with ADD about 5 years ago after I started seeing signs in both of my kids,  I suspect my Dad and a few other family members have it.  I used to be very hyper as a kid, but now that extra energy seems to have turned to anxiety and a feeling of being VERY overwhelmed all the time.

      I do work, have two kids and have a very active crazy life.  I look at my kids school and sports schedules and seriously want to hyperventilate.  I have tried Ritilan in the past but it didn’t do much for me.  My GP then said, well if you don’t feel much different you probably don’t have it.  I was diagnosed by a Psychiatrist I believe, but he was so expensive to go to that I stopped going.  Insurance didn’t cover it.

      Has anyone found that Straterra or any of the other meds worked well for concentration and lowering the overall level of feeling very overwhelmed all the time.  I look at my calendar (I have 3 in hopes of not forgetting anything), and I get so much anxiety.  Any words of wisdom are much appreciated.

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      Devon Frye

      This reply was originally posted by user Kim in Texas in ADDitude’s now-retired community.

      Hello Libra,

      So glad you reached out!

      Couple of things stood out to me in your post — first, consider consolidating those 3 calendars down to ONE! Second, your MD may not know enough about ADHD, especially in women, to be helpful with this. That’s common. Figuring out which med works best for you is a trial and error kind of thing and takes a cooperative effort with your prescriber to discover what works best for you. There are several out there. That’s just the way it is. Is your MD open to discussion about this? You may have to go to back to a psychiatrist to get this sorted out. Your LIFE and well being are worth it!

      Three resources for you that may help with the anxiety and give you ways to cope with it:

      This is a fantastic article with oodles of explanation for how life is for ADHD In Women:


      Groundbreaking book about the emotional distress of living with ADHD:

      Focused Forward: Navigating the Emotional Storms of Adult ADHD (Amazon)

      And third, there are a few of us women who are supporting each other on one of the other forums for ADHD in Women here on ADDitude, it starts out with:

      anyone for a pen pal?

      I hope you find this helpful and supportive. You aren’t alone and reaching out is a great way to find your tribe!

      With love and support,

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      Devon Frye

      This reply was originally posted by user Pink ginger in ADDitude’s now-retired community.

      I am newly diagnosed with ADD myself. No meds yet. My therapist wanted me to try Strattera, but I need something for focus and concentration, my two biggest problems. Also, anxiety can mimic ADD, so a lot of doctors think it’s that in women. You are very overwhelmed and over-scheduled so I would cut one activity off from each child. My kids do one activity a week and I stay home and still feel stressed. It’s just my personality. My mom was the same. Have a glass of wine and relax at night maybe!

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      Devon Frye

      This reply was originally posted by user Mitzi McPike in ADDitude’s now-retired community.

      Hi Libra,

      Being a hyper child and then seeing that hyperness turn inward by feeling anxious and overwhelmed on a continuous basis is classic ADHD. Just because you tried Ritalin and didn’t experience a relief in symptoms does not mean you don’t have ADHD. Your doctor is incorrect. It could be it just wasn’t the right medication for you.

      I was fortunate as Ritalin was the right medication for me. Both my anxiety and feelings of overwhelm subsided quite a bit.

      I wouldn’t give up on meds. It just may take a few tries to get the right match.

      Good luck to you!

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      Devon Frye

      This reply was originally posted by user Rachelaf1200 in ADDitude’s now-retired community.

      I was diagnosed about a year and a half ago. I had great success with Vyvanse; I was put on it after I was diagnosed and I was amazed at the clarity in which I could think and function — literally an ah-ha moment when I realized it was working. I suffered side effects and switched to Concerta and I am doing well most of the time. I complained to the doctor that it stopped working suddenly, and he pulled up our conversations from when I was at my best — we had talked about how I was working on reducing stress and I was exercising on a regular basis — and he said so, “Are you stressed and are you exercising?” My answer was I was stressed and no, I got too busy to workout — another light bulb moment. I am at my best when I find ways to reduce/manage stress and make a point of getting physical exercising. I firmly believe that taking care of yourself both inside and out is a required supplement to ADHD medication. I also see a physiologist as a way to have someone to cheer on my progress and help me accept that I am wired differently. Meds can help, but they cannot be an entire cure-all for ADHD.

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      Devon Frye

      This reply was originally posted by user Trishsl in ADDitude’s now-retired community.

      Strattera had a bad physical side effect for me, but it happened quickly. So, it wasn’t something that lingered. People keep saying I’m depressed. I feel like I’ve been depressed, and this isn’t close? Maybe I was majorly depressed before? Anyway, I got put on Lexepro. That was horrible. So, then I gave up. I agree that exercise helps very much. I get rid of some of that hyper before my brain can turn it into anxiety. It’s hard to find time, but sometimes I feel like just parking in the parking space furthest from where I’m going gets rid of a little anxious energy (especially if I don’t really want to go). Thanks for posting this. I’ve been wondering if I should try medication again.

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      Hi there . I was diagnosed with ADHD about 20 years ago but thought I had convinced the doctor so stopped medication .
      7 months ago after stopping gluten some of my brain fog lifted.
      I tried again through a Psychiatric FNP who tested and diagnosed me ADHD Combined type .
      She prescribed Straterra since my heart is sensitive to stimulants.
      It has helped slow my thinking down and I am now actually able to think things through like never before . It is a gift believe me.
      I am also a recovering Alcoholic clean 27 plus years by God’s grace
      Hope this is helpful to someone reading.

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