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      Good night, i was diagnosed with ADHD a year from now, do You struggle of feeling way too much all of the emotions? Sometimes in the exact moment of the situation I feel so intense the emotion, but like hours or even minutes later I kinda regret of the way I responded, like if I have exagerated. My boyfriend seems to be patient but I know that maybe someday he will have enough and leave. I mean, I could understand it. Do you feel that way too? And do you have any tips? Sorry if my English is bad, I’m from Spain.

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      Hey @clauj, I’m Kendall, Nice to meet you!

      While I’m not in a relationship, I do have ADHD & I also struggle with my emotions. I don’t think it’s really feeling our emotions that’s the issue. Rather, I think it’s just the way we express them that can be an issue for other people. I feel my emotions VERY DEEPLY, but I don’t show it often. I tend to express them through drawing, or listening to music, just to keep from projecting my emotions onto other people.

      However, to your point, it is VERY difficult for us to control our emotions in the moments when we’re feeling them. Sometimes, we will have a moment where we fly off the handle because we’re feeling our emotions so intensely, & we need an outlet to express them. While your boyfriend may be patient with you & understand from knowing you that you may be a bit dramatic at times, you don’t want to keep projecting your emotions onto him. My suggestion would be for you to find a personal outlet to express your emotions & let them out. Maybe through keeping a journal, drawing, or exercising. Anything that can help you manage your emotions, instead of unleashing them on your boyfriend.

      Hopefully this helps,
      Kendall Boults Jr.

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      When I get mad I’ll start cleaning the house or doing yard work, not sure when I started doing it, but doing something good with the negative energy helps calm me down.
      Good luck.

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      Feeling emotions DEEPLY & INTENSIVELY have always been an ENORMOUS burden of mine that I have to carry ( BPD).

      Throughout the years, I have learnt the hard way. In a society, emotional outbursts and instability and thus your vulnarability is NOT appreciated and will be frown upon.

      Just like Kendall above mentioned, I have also learnt to effectively hide my emotions, even though the INTENSITY remains.

      I would suggest you to seek a medical help AND start journaling.

      For me personally, it offered an INVALUABLE insight into what is going on inside of my mind when my emotions are RUNNING HIGH, I feel OVERWHELMED and I could’t RATIONALISE.

      I was able to look back with a cold head and say WOW, this what happened to me a month ago?

      Did I really say that to my partner?
      Was I really contemplating to leave a school, uni over one small setback?

      Your notes and observations will furthermore quicken the process of a diagnosis.

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      I also have ADHD and the emotions suck. Recently emotions have become really bad. I have started to write my emotions. I just listen to music, sit down, and write out almost everything. I only share some of it with my friends I trust the most and I feel it has helped.
      I am still struggling with in-the-moment-train-wreck-of-emotions but if I figure out something, I’ll let you know.
      Good Luck!

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