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      My 8 year old son has been diagnosed with ADHD and ODD. Hair cuts have always been a problem his entire life. The person that cuts his hair is a close family friend. He always squirms around and pulls his head down like a turtle. He is very vocal about watching out for his ears. He has always had his head shaved with clippers because he can’t sit still. He has never had his ears cut but he is still very afraid of this happening. We have shown him how the hair clippers work and he logically can explain to us how clippers cut hair yet he is still afraid. As he is getting taller and stronger it is getting harder and harder for hair cuts and they are taking over an hour.
      Any recommendations? Anyone else dealing with this or have dealt with this? What has helped? TIA

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      Penny Williams

      When my kids were little, we went to Cookie Cutters — a salon for kids where the chair is a kid-sized car or plane or the like and there’s a tv at each station and a wall of videos to choose what they want to watch while they get their hair cut. (Yes, this was when we were still using VHS tapes, LOL!)

      Can you set up something similar? Something to excite him and occupy his mind away from the fear?

      Also wondering if there’s something you can cover his ears with so he feels like they’re protected.

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      When my son was little, we used a phone with an engrossing game. It was a racing game with the sound turned on. It made it a little harder to cut his hair in the front, but it worked wonders for the sides and back.

      I wonder if something similar the like previous post, and/or a game, might help?

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      I used to struggle a lot, when I was a teenager I used to cut my own hair because I hated it

      I doubt he really is worried about his ears getting cut, but its more of an excuse to try and get it to stop, its hard to explain why you dont like it, but saying there is something dangerous helps him justify to others when making him feel he is strange. He just doesnt like having is hair touched.

      Distraction could work, but it might be better to try and NOT make him feel strange for not wanting to have his hair cut, explain that its ok not to like it and other people dont like it as well, but its something that has to happen. It may feel like the dentist drilling away for him and does it really matter if it takes an hour to get your hair cut, if he has ADHD then hell probably make up the time somewhere else!

      Its better to accept that its normal behavior to not like another person to cut your hair than try and make him feel isolated and strange in my opinion.

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